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Nov 26 2018

Behind The Power Of Branding

From printed coffee bags to pet food packaging for dogs to even custom cannabis packaging, branding is all around us. The importance of packing is certainly not one that should be discounted, especially not with data that shows that reading the packaging of a product actually informs as many as eighty five percent of all shoppers here in the United States, leading them to make their final purchasing decisions.

In addition to this, packaging like for printed coffee bags and pet treat packaging and so much more is important for overall product satisfaction, at least to more than one fourth of survey respondents in a survey that was conducted in the year of 2016, the 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Study. In fact, brands that put more emphasis and focus on the quality of their packaging, be it for printed coffee bags or any other product, are likely to see sales rise by as much as thirty percent, especially when in comparison to those companies that do not include such care and time

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Nov 26 2018

5 Tips for Creating Amazing Coffee Bags

If you’re not thinking about your company’s coffee bag designs, now is the time to start. A recent study found that companies paying close attention to their packaging notice a 30% increase in overall consumer interest. It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed while trying to figure out what will appeal to consumers. This goal is much easier to achieve after learning a few simple tips. With that in mind, here are five tips for designing custom coffee bags that appeal to your customers.

  1. Show Consumers What’s on the Inside

    Statistics show that 85% of shoppers make purchase decisions by reading product packages while shopping. Considering that, it’s wise to let these customers see what they’re thinking about purchasing. Therefore, you might be interested in finding custom coffee bags featuring window packaging. This allows customers to take a simple glance at your company’s coffee bag and know what’s inside.
  2. Include the Story of Your

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Nov 15 2018

Need Fat Stacks of Cash for Your Next Production?

Whether you are directing a play, a film, or a music video, you know how important props are. In today’s culture people are used to high definition special effects and film props that look like the real thing; even if that real thing is a giant alien spaceship, that may or may not actually be real… I’ll have to ask the aliens when I see them next. Anyway, props are important, and if there is one thing that catches people’s eyes it is stacks of money. Big fake stacks of money. (Because let’s face it, we’re not using our whole budget as a prop.) Money is eye catching, and whoever hold the stack must be an important figure.

How to Make Prop Money

If your making a film, or directing a play and you need fake money stacks here are some tips on how to make some real (fake) moolah for yourself!

  • First thing to note: It is ILLEGAL to make COLOR copies of U.S. dollar bills! However, you can photocopy real currency in black and white! Change the sizing to

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Nov 07 2018

Five Benefits To Having A Photo Booth At Your Wedding

In today’s world of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, people sure do love taking pictures. According to data from Benedict Evans, people share 730 billion photos per year on Facebook and around 22 billion per year on Instagram. In fact, the number of photographs captured every two minutes today is the same as the number of photographs taken by all of mankind in the 1800s.

One of the most fun and creative ways to take photos is in a photo booth, especially at a wedding. While there are many must-haves for the big day, a fun addition is a photo booth. It can enhance the mood at a reception and provides extra entertainment. On your wedding day, why not have as much fun as possible?
Here are 5 benefits to having a photo booth at your wedding:

  • More Entertainment: While a DJ is making sure everyone is having fun on the dance floor, photo booth machines are a fun addition to entertain those who aren’t dancing. On your wedding day you and your significant other are

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Nov 07 2018

5 Less-Traditional Delicious Dishes to Bring to Any Thanksgiving Get-Together

Ah, Thanksgiving. Football, family, ruthless electronics sales. Our favorite part of Thanksgiving, however, has just got to be the food. From turkey all the way down to corn on the cob, there are a number of Thanksgiving staples that appear on many families tables across the country. Some other dishes are not staples of every family, but still have their place in the holiday.

Here, we’ll be listing 6 of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes that might not be first on everyone’s mind when it comes to our favorite autumn season holiday, but could be a big hit at your dinner party nonetheless.

1. Apple Pie

Though everyone commonly associates Thanksgiving with pumpkin pie, we’re willing to go out on a limb and proclaim apple pie as the superior pie. Whether you decide to go with store-bought, fresh from a bakery or homemade, an apple pie can be the perfect dessert to

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