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5 Less-Traditional Delicious Dishes to Bring to Any Thanksgiving Get-Together

Ah, Thanksgiving. Football, family, ruthless electronics sales. Our favorite part of Thanksgiving, however, has just got to be the food. From turkey all the way down to corn on the cob, there are a number of Thanksgiving staples that appear on many families tables across the country. Some other dishes are not staples of every family, but still have their place in the holiday.

Here, we’ll be listing 6 of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes that might not be first on everyone’s mind when it comes to our favorite autumn season holiday, but could be a big hit at your dinner party nonetheless.

1. Apple Pie

Though everyone commonly associates Thanksgiving with pumpkin pie, we’re willing to go out on a limb and proclaim apple pie as the superior pie. Whether you decide to go with store-bought, fresh from a bakery or homemade, an apple pie can be the perfect dessert to hit the spot after a dinner for the ages. Do yourself and your friends or family a favor and pick up an apple pie for dinner this year.

2. Cheesy Potatoes

More common in the midwest due to its… let’s call it “richness,” cheesy potatoes can be an excellent addition for the family dinner, provided everyone’s a fan of potatoes and dairy. A cheesy potato casserole can be an exciting way to shake up the normal status quo of mashed potatoes. It’s the one time of year you should be able to eat whatever you want without feeling guilty, so why not go all out with your potatoes?

3. Tofurkey

As veganism and vegetarianism become more prominent in our culture, it’s incredibly nice to provide an option for those family or friends who might not eat meat or dairy, even if you do. Oddly, many people get hostile towards vegans or vegetarians despite most minding their own business. They put up with so much, the least you can do is offer them a little something on Thanksgiving!

4. Macaroni and Cheese

No, we are not telling you to roll up to your aunt’s house with three boxes of ninety-nine cent generic brand mac and cheese. Homemade macaroni and cheese, however, can be an excellent side dish for any Thanksgiving feast. It’s a safe dish that is easy to put your own touch on, such as different spices or a bread crumb topping. Plus, another benefit of mac and cheese is that it even appeals to the pickiest of children.

5. Anything But Turkey

This might be controversial, but secretly, do we need to have a turkey every year? If we’re being real, they often end up dry and lukewarm before we get any, and if we’re going to go with a meat, there are much better options. Chicken, for example.

We’re (mostly) kidding on that last one. How about you? What are your ideas for creative Thanksgiving dishes? Share your thoughts below and have a fantastic holiday season!