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Use Storage Pods Today and Save Yourself Time, Money and Hassel


My friends adventured out West. We went to college on the East coast, and many of them hated the weather here. So naturally they sought out jobs out near Oregon or California.

When they found the jobs, and left me behind, it was a happy day. Since I was not going to get to go with them, I found myself trying to encourage and help them other ways.

Without trying to seem like I wanted them to leave, I looked into long distance movers, and moving pods to help expedite their long journey.

They still joked that I wanted them to leave, but they were thankful for my gifts of storage pods, and eternally grateful once they had gotten there after a couple days of driving. Turns out they could track the pods that rented for them online, so when there was a few days delay with them, they knew where they were and did not have to panic about someone stealing or raiding their valuables.

Plus, it saved them a ton of money. Between the cost of their own labor and their mental stress, and the cost of gas, the pods kept a lot more green in their wallets than expected. Local delivery fees were way more affordable to them than fuel costs.

Maybe when I get out there I will use pods. Who knows? Maybe I will not even attempt to go there and travel even father east to the actual coast.

Does anyone else have any experiences with pods that they would like to share? Please, comment and tell your moving stories and your pods adventures with everyone.