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Behind The Power Of Branding

From printed coffee bags to pet food packaging for dogs to even custom cannabis packaging, branding is all around us. The importance of packing is certainly not one that should be discounted, especially not with data that shows that reading the packaging of a product actually informs as many as eighty five percent of all shoppers here in the United States, leading them to make their final purchasing decisions.

In addition to this, packaging like for printed coffee bags and pet treat packaging and so much more is important for overall product satisfaction, at least to more than one fourth of survey respondents in a survey that was conducted in the year of 2016, the 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Study. In fact, brands that put more emphasis and focus on the quality of their packaging, be it for printed coffee bags or any other product, are likely to see sales rise by as much as thirty percent, especially when in comparison to those companies that do not include such care and time spent on packaging as an essential for sales.

Packaging such as for printed coffee bags and the like is also ideal for drawing in brand new customers. The same survey as was mentioned above also found that more than sixty five percent of the adult population of the United States has actually tried a new product primarily because of eye catching packaging and excellent branding. Without interesting packaging, many consumers would never have even discovered a product, perhaps a frequently purchased and used product, in the first place.

Attention to packaging and overall branding is particularly important in the world of coffee, as there are simply so many types of coffee, so many different printed coffee bags all competing for the attention of the typical consumer. After all, the need for coffee is high, with more than half of the adult population of the United States (around fifty four percent of it, to be a little bit more exact) drinking coffee on a daily basis, on average an amount that exceeds three cups per day. And while some people will certainly seek out coffee shops for part of their daily caffeine fix, going to a coffee shop every time that you want coffee is likely to end up being quite expensive in the long run. Therefore, making coffee at home from the printed coffee bags bought at the grocery store has become more popular than ever.

When you consider the packaging of printed coffee bags, there are a number of things that you’ll want to keep in mind. For starters, the flavor of the coffee will be critical to have clearly listed, as there is more variety in coffee products than ever before. In addition to the flavor, you’ll also want to consider labeling the caffeine content, as some people are very sensitive to caffeine and looking to avoid large amounts of it per serving and so might be interested in more decaf varieties of various types of coffee instead.

Aside from coffee packaging, you’ll also want to consider pet food packaging. Again, there are many different types of pet food out there, meaning that pet food packaging for cats is likely to differ quite drastically from pet food packaging for dogs from pet food packaging for birds. It’s important in the creation of pet food packaging to keep the audience in mind, as different pets will have different needs for which their owners will be keeping an eye out for. For instance, you’ll likely want to list the ingredients of each and every type of pet food on the bag, as this is universally important information but you’ll also want to detail the specific health benefits that can be gained from each type of pet food, health benefits that will, of course, differ from animal to animal.

From printed coffee bags to the various types of pet food packaging, there is no doubt about it that packaging is an important tool for branding all throughout the United States. High quality packaging is likely to increase consumer interest by quite a bit, while subpar or poor packaging is not likely to attract the attention that it needs in order to sell.