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The Top 3 Reasons You Should Travel With Kids

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Right now, there’s a lot going on in the world and within the United States itself. It might feel like there’s no such thing as a safe haven anymore, with the only exception being your own home. During these tough and tragic times, it’s easy to become consumed and paralyzed by fear and hard to believe that the world is still beautiful place with a lot to offer. But it’s important to remember that the latter is and always will be true. As a parent, you might feel as though now is a not a good time to travel with kids, but the truth is, there hasn’t been a better time!

Whether you’re taking your kids on summer vacations within your state, taking them to New York City to see some of the world’s most famous tourist attractions, or visiting Paris for a summer, now is a great time to travel with kids and to travel with family. One of the most important lessons you can learn in life is not allow fear, especially the fear perpetuated by others, to prevent you from enjoying and experiencing all that life has to offer. The actions of a few isolated events do not reflect the state of the entire world. There is still plenty to see!

That’s not to say that danger does not exist; it does. However there is a major difference between fear and awareness. Being aware of the potential dangers out there empowers you to keep your family safe when you travel with kids whereas fear might paralyze you and cause unnecessary panic. So don’t cancel your travel with kids plans just yet! Here are a few benefits of traveling with children and why it’s such an integral part of their personal development.

It can help them learn a second language

Several research studies have confirmed what many educators, teachers, and parents have known for years and years; a child that learns a second language before the age of 10 will perform better on standardized testing, have increased cognitive abilities, and will even become a stronger speaker of their native language. And what better way to learn French as a child than to visit Paris with your family? Travel with kids allows children to practice the second language their learning in a practical way that still feels like a lot of fun. And in many cases, it won’t even feel like learning! Research studies have also shown that bilingual employees earn more than monolingual employees, so having your child learn a second language through travel can set them up for a lifetime of professional success.

It exposes them to new cultures

Children are like sponges in that they’re eager to soak and experience the knowledge and world around them. Travel with kids, especially foreign travel, provides the perfect platform for this to happen. When children are exposed to and learn about different cultures, customs, and people at a young age, they’re more likely to feel comfortable and at ease around diversity as opposed to a child who has never personally met someone outside of their own culture. Exposure to diversity enriches children and allows them to become compassionate, well rounded adults.

It educates them

Although a lot of learning is done within the classroom, an equal amount if not greater amount is also done outside of it as well. Travel with kids is an excellent opportunity to apply the lessons children use in school and apply them to real world. And when this happens, the knowledge is more likely to stick and become committed to memory for a lifetime. Travel is an invaluable experience that teaches children lessons that cannot be learned in a classroom.