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Looking to Have Fun With the Family? Here are 3 of the Best Places to Have Fun

Adventure park

There is an epidemic sweeping this nation. It’s affecting our children, our lovers and ourselves. We have to stop this disease before it completely destroys us.

STOP STARING AT YOUR PHONE! Technology, of course, is the virus that is damaging our lives. Sure, it’s innovative and amazing and has an infinite amount of benefits, but it’s making us even lazier than we already were. We can keep all this technology but moderation is the key. Not just our children, but all of us need to learn to put down the devices and get outside and play.

It’s so important for families to go on an outdoor adventure together every once in a while so you can all rid yourself of the technology stresses and have some family fun! Here are a couple outdoor adventure family activities that can be a lot of fun for the family.

Amusement Parks

Most people think amusement parks are for kids and they leave it at that. It’s true, children can enjoy amusement parks a little more than adults, but not just because the majority of the park is tailored specifically for them and not adults, but because they go into them expecting to have fun. If you go into anything expecting to have a bad time, chances are: you’re going to have a bad time. Even as adults, you have to let your inner child out and realize that there is no age requirement for fun. When you were 13 years old it was so much fun swimming that giant hammer down and trying to get the bell to ring, and you’re going to stand there and claim that it’s not fun anymore? Get out of here. Yes it is — you just have to let yourself actually have fun. Amusement parks are great places for families to have fun like they are all children again.

The Beach

Don’t just be the boring parents at the beach who sit underneath the umbrellas and yell from 50 feet away, “COME BACK AND PUT ON MORE SUNSCREEN, KIDS!” Again, let yourself be a kid again and have fun with your family at the beach. Build a sandcastle, bury your least favorite kid in the sand (kidding), try and fight the waves without having your suit fall off (no one wants to see that), and just have fun.


Another outdoor adventure for the entire family to enjoy is a good old-fashioned camping trip. Again, this is not a time for you to be the boring parent and just repeat the importance of bug spray 72,000 times. This is time for you — along with the entire family — to let yourselves be children again enjoy some family fun activities! Go fishing, tell ghost stories, climb trees and anything else that you want to do. Have fun!