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Spend More Time Behind The Lens By Employing a Photo Editing Service

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As a small business photographer, splitting your time between shooting, editing, marketing, customer service, billing, and banking is tough. In a one man or woman small business, there are jobs that only you can do and you know you do them best. So what can you hand over to someone else (besides taxes)? One of those jobs you might want to consider handing off to a company is your photo editing. Now, this might seem tough to do at first, giving up part of your important work, but think of all the time you’ll have to spend on the parts of your business that you are truly the best at. Wouldn’t you want to spend more time with clients than photo cropping?
Photo Editing Services for Amateurs Needing Professional Quality Photos
Photo editing services are not only useful to professional photographers, but they can help amateurs with basic photography needs and a decent DSLR camera to present more professional photos than they could otherwise.

  • Online sellers who need photos for web site
  • Real estate agents with listings
  • High school yearbook teachers with a small staff
  • School districts or university marketing departments needing images for calendars, brochures and web sites

Photo editing companies provide a range of services, which include photo cropping, color correction, vectorized images, retouching and panoramic stitching. A real estate agent looking to increase the sale price or move a property, would benefit from professional photo retouching services. In fact, when using a DSLR camera, 64% of homes in the $400,000 to $500,000 range sold within 6 months. Only 46% of homes sold in 6 months if they ran with photos taken with a point and shoot. Clearly more professional looking photos is a real estate marketing strategy to consider.
Online sellers are exclusively dependent on the photos that show their products. They, too, could benefit from photography editing services to help make their garments or other products look the best. An invisible mannequin is a technique that begins in the studio by taking a photo of a garment on an actual mannequin but in a photo editing program, the garment can look to be on an invisible mannequin. Clothing looks more appealing being modeled rather than hanging on a hanger or worse, lying flat. And with photo cropping, distracting images or parts of the photo can be removed, leaving only the product. And since professional photographs are twice as likely to be shared on social media, online sellers can reach a larger audience.
Employment for photographers is projected to grow only 3% through 2024, which is slower than for other occupations. As salaried jobs become fewer because companies are turning to freelancers, it’s more important than ever to get your share of the market. So spend time landing jobs and shooting and less time photo editing by hiring a capable photo editing service. Imagine how your business can grow!