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The Good News About Eating Chicken Skin

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Americans love eating chicken. By some estimates, people in the United States eat more chicken than any other nation on the planet. People around the country ate about 90.1 pounds per capital in 2015. In 2016, the National Chicken Council estimated, that amount went up to 91.8 pounds per capita. This is the country’s favorite source of protein. When you may be thinking of your dinner options for your family, it can be easy to pass through the fast food drive through. You can do your family a real solid by going for rotisserie chicken delivery from a local restaurant instead. This can be just as quick as fast food but can also get you some health benefits that you would not get otherwise.

Reasons Eating Chicken Skin Can Be Healthy:

  1. When it comes to fat, you need the right kind. Many people want to reduce the amount of fat in their diet and that is a commendable goal but we need some fat on our foods. The key to this is getting the right kind of fat in the foods you eat. Experts recommend people up their intake of monounsaturated fat. The good news about chicken skin is that this is the kind of fat that you get in it. The main source of fat in chicken skin is oleic acid, which is the same substance that makes olive oil so healthy. It can lower the levels of bad cholesterol in your system.
  2. Even the saturated fat in chicken skin is something your body needs. When you get nutrients from natural sources, such as chicken, you get what your body needs. If you look at other options, you may get a lot that you do not need. Your body does not need the chemicals that are in a lot of food and beverage products but you do need some saturated fat.
  3. Chicken skin has less calories than you may think. If you are like most people in the United States, you count your calories. When you take the skin off of your chicken, you are taking about 50 calories off of the entire bird. That is not a whole lot. The chicken skin tastes great and will not all all that much to your caloric intake for any given day.
  4. You will feel sated sooner when you eat the chicken skin. Your system has a trigger to tell your brain that you have eaten enough and can stop. That trigger is engaged sooner when you have certain kinds of foods. It has been said that spicy foods so this but so do flavorful dishes. Because there is so much flavor in the chicken skin, you will feel content and full sooner. That means you will eat less than if you take that skin off of the chicken before you eat it. This also means you will be less likely to start craving sugar after you are done eating your meal. Feeling sated is one key to maintaining a healthy weight because if you can control your portions you can eat what you want, even fast food and still look great.
  5. Eating food with no fat is not going to make you thin. The United States has gone through several phases of diet fad and whatnot. If all it took to lose weight was to cut all fat out of your diet, everyone would be thin. Not only is this not true but when you cut too much fat out of your diet, your skin and hair will suffer. One problem with a lot of the “low fat” and “no fat” foods that were so popular for a while is that they added sugar and other substances to replace the taste of the fat. Eating foods with natural fat, such as chicken skin, can help you be healthier and is not terrible for your waist line.

Most people today lead very busy lives. Going to a fast food restaurant often is a great option because it is quick and easy. Ordering a good rotisserie chicken from a local Latin restaurant can take only a few more minutes and get you a decent meal with the health benefits of chicken and the skin that comes along with it.