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The Future of New Models Motorized Skateboards

Off road motorized skateboard

Stakeboarding is favorite to many not only for as a form of sport, but also for personal transportation over short distances, particularly the motor-driven models. In fact, 11 million people self-report that they enjoy skateboarding on a daily basis. Further studies show that the United States is the leading skateboarding market with about 50% market share. Over the years, this sporting equipment has experienced its fair share of innovation. Moving from the gasoline-powered skateboard to the now motor skateboards, a lot of technology has been in play.

The production of more technological skateboards means that you now have a wide selection of affordable and quality boards to choose from. While a majority of skateboards have similar design and features, they tend to slightly vary based on their application. There are skateboards built for hobby, sports, speed and lifestyle. What distinguishes them are their component’s and their respective performance. Here are some of the improved areas in motor skateboards.

The Mechanics
When motor skateboards were first introduced, they were the talk of the town and everyone wanted to have one. However, they were hurdled by several challenges including limited power, mechanical breakdowns among other problems. Developers and designer had to come up with lasting solutions to make sure the boards are as safe as they are useful. That’s why the modern electric skateboard designs revolve around safety, portability, efficiency and durability.

This is one of the greatest challenges facing the production of electric motorized skateboards. Considering they have to be fitted with battery packs and motors, it sounds more like sacrificing its weight to give room to other essential components. But today, there are several lightweight materials for making skateboard decks. This means that you can now get more portable and lightweight motor skateboards fitted with all vital features such as the battery or motor, wheels and the braking system. However, lightweight does not translate to performance because there are models that weigh more than others and still perform better. Depending on the board size, brand, motor and battery compartment, weight of different skateboards can vary.

If you are a passionate skateboarder, you understand how exciting it can be sliding and cruising at top speeds. When looking to invest on a skateboard, you should note that the speed which a board can reach depends on a number of things, the first being your weight. The second important thing is the terrain. Hilly and rugged terrains will slow you down than riding on smooth and flat surfaces. Lastly, the powering system on the skateboard. Is it battery or motor powered? The longer a skateboard is able to store power, the faster the speeds it can reach.

Remotely controlled
Unlike the initial electric boards which you had to peddle your legs just to attain some acceleration, newer models feature remote control capabilities. With this feature, you can easily accelerate and deaccelerate speed when you want. The remotes are portable and some are even smaller for easy handling and controlling.

The future of motor skateboards is certainly unknown especially with the constant improvements observed in ergonomic designs and safety features. For more fun and thrilling surfing experience, invest in a good board. The above factors can help you make an informed decision on the kind of skateboard you want.