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This Just In Everyone Wins When Celebrities Use their Fame for Good


If there is one thing that people cannot get enough of, it is current celebrity news and gossip. There is just something about following the daily actions or drama of someone from the big screen or from the music scene that make the current celebrity news business such a big one. Perhaps people want to see that celebrities are similar in some way to the everyday person, even though those celebrities are made out to be so perfect.

The public masses somehow collectively think that since a celebrity has chosen that profession, they have put themselves up for relentless and often brutal public scrutiny and judgement, and have absolutely no interest in personal space or privacy. This of course, could not be further from the truth, as people are people, and though celebrities may often be painted or viewed as some sort of god figure, they truly are just like everyone else, in that they do not want to have to be on display at all times.

Choosing the life of being a public figure

There are certainly many reasons why a person might choose to go into show business, but one thing is true of all celebrities, once they make it: they will have to figure out how to handle the press, paparazzi, and infringements on their personal space. While no one deserves to be aggressively pursued as many celebrities often are, regardless of the contributions they do or do not make to society as a whole, there is an element of patience and grace that must come along with the territory in order to truly succeed. And in learning that patience and grace, the truly successful celebrities will also take that public platform that they have gained and use it for good.

The other side of current celebrity news

In seeking out the most current celebrity news, the public has a responsibility, too often ignored, to reel in those urges to learn about every tiny aspect of a person’s life in the hopes that at least some of that privacy can be restored and respected. But the celebrities also have responsibilities as well. About 44% of adults agree that those who make it big today in entertainment can make some sort of positive difference regarding the issues that those celebrities are promoting. Around 11% of those people believe that celebrities could make a large or significant positive difference, and about 33% of those people believed that they could make at least some positive difference. The latest Hollywood news does not always have to be about what is being worn or who is feuding or dating. People with a lot of exposure can do a lot of good.

Letting the money do the talking

It is no secret that money and power go hand in hand. And those celebrities who hone their craft to the point that they are raking in incredibly large sums of money do end up having the power to have at least some influence over at least some of the population. Take Oprah Winfrey for example. Her show aired for a total of 25 years, on 120 channels and had an audience of over 10 million people. Just in the very first year of the show airing, it had grossed $125 million, with Oprah walking away with $30 million. She has written books and been vocal about her support of different issues. She is a great example of someone who built an empire in the entertainment industry and used the voice that she had because of that empire for good.

And if you want to talk power couples, who doesn’t know of Beyonce and Jay-Z? Together their collective net worth to over $1 billion. People pay attention when they have something to say. These types of artists build quite the following, and even those who do not actively seek out the music, movies, or other art or entertainment of celebrities will often recognize them as people with things to say. Using the voice and platform that they are given, celebrities can do a tremendous amount of good.