Ideas for Home Pre-K for 3 Year Olds

While many kids do just fine going into kindergarten without any prior education, the ones that have been introduced to core educational topics may have an easier time transitioning to being in school. Some parents choose to teach their children at home using online Pre-K curricula. Others sent their children to preschools.

If you have a three year old, you may be wondering what to expect from pre k for 3 year olds. Typically, children start pre-k around this age, and although they do learn a few core concepts that will help them in school, many teachers also focus on teaching them classroom etiquette and helping them socialize.

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They typically learn letters, numbers, and colors during pre-k classes. These are the basic building blocks of many of the conversations and focus areas they will participate in in kindergarten.

When you’re choosing a homeschool for your child, feel free to ask about the things your child will learn. Any preschool education will be helpful, but some preschools will be more focused on education than others. You can also find free pre-k curricula online that will allow you to create a custom at-home preschool experience for your child.