Becoming an Antique Art Appraiser

Are you interested in antique art or collectibles? Have you ever thought about becoming an antique art appraiser? Check out this video to learn what it takes to become a certified art appraiser.

Years ago, anyone wishing to be a certified art appraiser simply took a few classes, found a mentor, and began their career. There weren’t many outside entities involved in the trade. Most appraisers gained new customers based on reputation. Now, art appraisal is regulated by the federal government and handled by the state.

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Certified art appraisers are required to have a four-year college degree in an applicable field. After college, appraisers must spend at least two years in the field to become established.

Becoming an established certified art appraiser works on a tier system. Those with the right degree can become trainees in the tier system. After training time has passed, trainees can apply to be certified as commercial or residential appraisers. It takes time and diligence to complete the commercial and residential training. Including receiving a four-year degree, it takes about six years to become a certified art appraiser.