For many people who were born in the 90s, they’re probably familiar with how popular arts and crafts were. One thing that everybody couldn’t get enough of were key ring bracelets. People loved these because it could either be an accessory that you clipped onto something or you wore it as a bracelet.

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Often you would see these dangling from kids’ backpacks as they walked down the hall. So many kids had these because they were very easy to get your hands on. The materials to make these can still be found at most arts and crafts stores to this day and many people still enjoy making these bracelets. How you make these bracelets is really quite simple, all it takes is some creativity and time. The first thing you’ll need is the materials. Once you get your hands on the tools you need to make the bracelets, you need to learn about the different patterns you’ll need to know to be able to make the bracelets. The patterns are very similar to sewing where it’s typically a repetitive pattern weaving different materials to get your desired design.