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Attractive Packing for Candy and Pets

Advertising is often the key component to any business selling its products and services, anything from vacuuming services to gas stations to novelty restaurants, and there are entire books, manuals, and classes in college based on learning the inner working and tricks to advertisement. Billboards, magazine and online ads, and more can bring awareness of a product or service to the people, but a sometimes overlooked aspect of product awareness is the actual packaging. Some products, such as coffee packaging bags, dog treat bags, and even medical marijuana bags can make the difference between a hot commodity and a forgotten product, and for personal works, a person can add flair and style to packaging for any item they make or share with friends, and custom candy bags can be great fun for a house party.

Coffee is one big arena where package quality should be considered. There is a huge market, after all: it is believed that around 54% of Americans aged 18 and over drink coffee every day, meaning millions of people. They often want it for the mental boost and work bonus; 200 mg of caffeine can help a person identify words and phrases faster than without it, a study shows, and a whole 46% of office workers say that coffee maintains their productivity at work. And like with food packaging or custom candy bags, coffee bags are popular items for personal use, like a coffee maker, and a coffee brand or flavor may sell better with attractive, intriguing, and detailed packaging on printed coffee bags to make the product stand out.

How much help can attractive and unique packaging be? A lot, in many cases. Speaking broadly, customers are much more likely to both find and purchase a product when its packaging stands out and clearly illustrates why that product is the best for the customer’s needs. It has been demonstrated that when a business pays close attention to the quality of its product’s packaging, they get a 30% boost in customer interest. Similarly, shoppers can make better informed decisions based on packaging; 85% of customers will, on average, make their purchasing decisions based on a product’s packaging, rather than deciding ahead of time which brand they want to buy, or what variety of an item to purchase. This shows that competing brands will win or lose against each other in the store’s aisles rather than through any other means ahead of time, and good packaging can put a product ahead of the pack.

Although not a commercial product, custom candy bags can follow similar rules to commercial packaging; if a product is prettily packaged, it can make the owner happier and feel better about the product itself. Someone hosting a house party or private party can make all kinds of party favors, and guests often take these favors home, and that means packaging. Plain paper bags won’t cut it; fun, inventive designs make for a good favor, and on Green Tea, many sample ideas are provided, and can act as inspiration for other designs. For example, custom candy bags could resemble Chinese takeout boxes for flair, and it’s an instantly recognizable image, not to mention the novelty of actually having candy in packaging meant for Chinese fast food. Authentic, fun Chinese patterns can even be put on these custom candy bags, especially if a house party is based on the Chinese New Year or similar traditions.

For celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or any other wintertime festivity, snowflake pattern bags can give winter charm to any custom candy bags, complete with red ribbons, little bells, the Star of David, or any other desired imagery for winter celebrations. To keep up the theme, the candy inside could be cookies with snowflake patterns on them, or something similar. Or for a movie night at the house, custom candy bags can be shaped like popcorn boxes, even if they have something besides popcorn in them. The possibilities are endless, and the custom candy bags may or may not match the theme of the party, but either way, they can add personal charm to any party favor or gift.