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Tips for Hosting a Great Outdoo Corporate Event

Many organizations plan their corporate events during the winter, making it a special treat to be able to plan an outdoor event for the milder spring and summer weather. Everyone loves getting outside for some fresh air, and it’s the perfect time to take advantage of longer days and the relaxation that comes from being in nature.

The tricky part of planning the event is finding out when and where to rent a tent and hold the event, and then remembering all the little things that go into hosting an outdoor event successfully. If you are planning an outdoor corporate event, then get ready to rent a tent: here are all the tips you need to make it a success.

  • What is the weather like in your region? This is an important first question to consider. Nature is always unpredictable, and even the best meteorologists have trouble predicting weather as far out as you should be planning your event. That’s why it’s crucial to rent a tent, at the very least as a backup plan in case the clouds open up that day or the temperatures are so hot that guests are unable to sit out in the sun for long. There are many companies that can help you with tent rentals, and getting the perfect corporate event tent will be straightforward if you’re able to tell them:
    1. How many guests are attending?
    2. What arrangement of tables and chairs do you want?
    3. Do you need a large open space within the event tent?
    4. Do you want the tent to have flooring, or is the ground ok?
    5. Will any food be served within the tent?
    6. If you rent a tent, will you need lighting in it?
    7. Do you need to be able to put up decorations, banners, or informational/teaching items for all to see?
    8. Do you need it wired for sound?
  • What is your budget? As you plan your event, always have the budget in place before you start looking at specifics. This will help you decide if you have space in it for picnic areas, athletic facilities, etc. It will also help you as you decide if you want to hire each support service separately, book an all-inclusive venue, or simply rent a tent and use your own staff to do most of the setup, service, and cleanup.
  • What amenities do you need, and how close are they to the venue you have in mind? Some things to think about include the amount of parking, the restroom situations, shuttle options, and provision for athletics. How far do guests have to walk from the parking area to the corporate event tent, and is there adequate parking? Wha kind of shuttle or bus options are available? How many restrooms there are and how easy they are to get to? Do you want people to be able to play any sort of game or sport, and are there facilities for that?
  • What is the objective of your event? This sets the tone for everything. You should also have at least a rough idea of the event schedule and run it by your venue and tent provider. They have a lot of experience with this type of thing and can help you know whether your schedule is realistic or not.
  • What food will your serve, and how will it support your objectives? If you want people to mingle, finger food and snacks are usually the best options. It’s also possible to create quite a formal vibe with an elegant meal even in an outdoor venue. A BBQ or picnic on nearby grass can create a welcoming, informal camaraderie that ties people together.

Planning a corporate outdoor event can be daunting, but success is possible with a little bit of forwarding planning. Think in advance about what you need, find the right venue and place to rent a tent, be creative, and you can have a truly meaningful event.