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Brand New to Wine? Here’s What You Need To Know About Red Wine

If there’s one thing Americans love with a meal, it’s a glass of wine. In 2016, 949 million gallons of wine were consumed the United States and U.S. wine retail sales are expected to increase 11 percent by 2020.

Among U.S. wine lovers, red wine is the popular choice at 38 percent, followed by 32 percent of wine drinkers favoring white. Of course, any type of alcohol is best enjoyed in moderation, but there are many benefits to drinking red wine.

  • It lowers your cholesterol
  • It protects your heart
  • It helps control your blood sugar
  • It gives your brain a boost
  • It’s effective for fighting colds
  • It helps fight cancer
  • It helps you get slim

In addition to these benefits, the old adage of a glass or two of wine a day being good for you has been proven true.

Red wines have certainly proven popular, but each one is not the same. Some people prefer Italian red wines such as Dolcetto or Sangiovese. Others prefer French red wines like Bordeaux. Whatever your pleasure, there are many factors involved when deciding what makes a red wine ‘great.’

  • Heavier body
  • Higher levels of alcohol
  • Higher levels of tannin
  • Flavor profiles
  • Quality
  • Potentially Increased Complexity

Knowing the differences in types of red wine can help you to pick a brand you like and ultimately increase your enjoyment of red wine.

If you’re brand new to wine, distinguishing between red and white wines, Italian red wines and German white wines can be confusing, but this beginner’s guide can smarten you up about the different types of wine, how to read wine labels and where different kinds of wine come from in the world.

If you’re a wine connoisseur who’s looking to branch out and try some new wines, this guide to Italian red wines for beginners helps make the selection process a little easier if you’re looking for a new red wine.

Likewise, this flowchart of Italian red wines can help those with advanced tastes locate a specific brand they might be looking for or want to try.

If you aren’t sure what to pick, Wine Ethusiast provides pricing a reviews for different Italian red wines.

Another good way to figure out what wines are good is through word of mouth. Ask friends what their favorite wines and wine brands are and see what they recommend. If you’re looking for more reviews of different wines use a wine app to see what people are drinking and what they’re saying.

If you’re interesting in shopping online for red wine whether you’re searching for Italian red wines, sparkling wine or fine French red wine, sites like Total Wine, Wine Deals and Cellar Masters offers plenty of deals and options.