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Three Reasons Why Casino Nights Are The Perfect Corporate Events

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Corporate fundraisers. We’ve all been to them at some point or the other, and all too often they either come off as desperate or terribly boring. While these events need to be safe and clean, this is sometimes so big a concern that they sacrifice fun — and don’t seem like they’re really aimed at adults at all. The result is, in the best case scenario, that employees walk away feeling like they’ve wasted their time. In the worst case, they end up losing money for the company rather than raising funds. Contrary to popular belief, there are corporate event ideas mixing work and play out there. But many corporate employers shy away from fun party ideas for adults because they’re afraid that they get out of hand. A casino night is a great way to raise funds if done correct, and one of the most fun party themes on the market. But many employers looking for corporate event ideas mixing work and play still avoid this one because they don’t even know how to play blackjack themselves. Luckily, there are professional event companies that can help clients devise fun casino nights that are both approachable and professional. Below, we’ll look into the advantages of not simply hosting a casino night, but having a professional party planning company help host it. Let’s dive in.

1. Professional Party Planners Take The Confusion Out Of Casino Nights

Of all the corporate event ideas mixing work and play, casino nights on paper seem to be the “coolest”. But at the same time, many employers worry that people will be intimidated by the games played during casino nights. At first glance, games like poker and blackjack do seem extremely confusing. In actuality, they’re more approachable than you might think. Poker, an iconic casino game, mixes chance with calculation. For example, the chances of a player getting a pocket pair during poker are about one for every 17 hands, or 6%. A professional will help player understand things like this, and play the game without feeling frustrated. Blackjack is a great game for corporate casino nights, as it has a low edge of .5% or even .4%. This makes it a very player-friendly game. At the same time, it is by no means rigged in the player’s favor, and therefore can’t be accused of being unfair. In a game of blackjack, the dealer wins 48% of the time, and the player only 44% of the time. But whether they win or lose, players will appreciate being taught the ropes in a safe setting. Maybe they can even play it at a real casino sometime.

2. Casino Nights Are For Adults

Often, employers mean to choose corporate event ideas mixing work and play, but end up making their employees feel as if they’ve wasted their time and money at a party meant for teenagers. Too often, fundraisers meant to be elegant get completely out of hand, which can result in employees making fools out of themselves and perhaps even worse. A casino night is obviously meant to be fun, but it also suggests an air of maturity and elegance. Often times, casino nights are black tie, giving employees an opportunity to dress up. Employees, who often have families at home, like being able to dress up and go out and be adults for a while outside of work. It’s relaxing, but not so relaxing that things will get out of hand.

3. Professional Party Planners Are Support Systems

Planning a party can be stressful, especially for employers who want to impress employees. Having a professional company on hand means that you’re doing less of the work. Employers don’t have to worry as much about things like setup and cleanup, and also can relax and enjoy the parties themselves because they have professionals present and ready to handle the “nitty gritty”, as it were. This means that everyone can have fun — not just the guests, but the people throwing the party.