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The Power of Hip Hop Culture The Game Changer

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It is evident that black community in America has been greatly influenced by Hip hop and its culture, and the entire society hasn’t been left untouched, it has received its fair share of the black entertainment. Hip hop for many is more than just music, rap music to speak so. It represents a culture of the black race community and over the decade, its hip hop has been used as a tool to deliver and pass a message, and that’s why in today’s urban news, you’ll find more of black associated news, gossips, and lifestyles.

However, this whole rap industry has been viewed differently by its opponents. Critics of Hip Hop culture lament that the style of music is very aggressive in that, it encourages rebellion from its fans and listeners. Yes, it’s true that Hip Hop just like the black community culture is vocal and open minded, that maybe the source of inspiration for most Hip Hop celebrities. The language and tone used in composing Hip Hop music are unique and can’t be equated to any type of music. Though, some new crop of Hip Hop artists focuses only on vulgarity and profanity. The current generation of young people is living in a world dominated by all sorts of negativity, crimes, and immoralities. Positive Hip Hop can be the cure to the rot experienced in mainstream rap and the entertainment news at large.

The black entertainment news has also matured, surpassing people’s expectations. Not until the early 70’s and 80’s that black community ventured into different parts of the entertainment industry. Most black people started acting and doing arts, something that was not very common. And, they did pretty well out there. Hence the resulting of black celebrity gossip, tubes and channels. Many black news websites emerged as a result of the staggering number of African-American filling the urban news.

Today in entertainment, it’s possible to find about 60% of the content focusing on urban news. From news columns, media, publication, online platforms, black entertainment really dominates. But the sad news is, the current crop of black celebrities have little or less impact on the younger generations, not so many can be considered heroes, legends, pioneers or idols. The aspect of money and fame has really eroded the black culture, and it’s only a matter of time things span out of the way.