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The New Skateboard in the New Millennium

Electric motorized skateboard

Back in the 1970s when skateboarding really began to come into its own in the United States, you would never have seen an ad in the paper for a motorized longboard for sale. Maybe you might have seen one as a very rare, one-of-a-kind skateboard, but surely not in the same way you would today. There was not really any such thing as a motorized skateboard or an electric powered longboard.

As the world of skateboarding evolved, so did the imaginations of those who created new and exciting ways to ride. While an automatic skateboard was certainly in the imagination of many riders, the reality of having one as a major type of skateboard on the market has only just recently come to pass.

Skateboarding is a sport that has been growing rapidly over the last three and a half decades or more. Somewhere in the neighborhood of over 11 million people have said that they enjoy skateboarding on a regular basis. Some simply hop on a board for some fun around their driveway while others use a longboard to commute to work.

The United States accounts for more than half of the skateboarding market, where people young and old skate all year round if the climate is right. Obviously, the warmer weather climates are favorable to skaters who want to skate outdoors, whether it be on the sidewalks, streets, or at the skateparks. In the last twenty years, many cities–especially those in the colder climate regions–have built indoor facilities for skaters to enjoy skating when the weather outside is unsuitable for the sport. As of now, there are 500 skate parks in the United States for skaters of all kinds of levels to enjoy.

Skateboarding has become the type of sport where, despite the efforts of the big sporting goods chains, specialty stores have been able to continue to flourish. The reason this is the case is that skateboarding is a solo sport and the skater needs to find the kind of board that suits her; it is not a one size fits all type of situation.

There are many different kinds of boards that riders might have in their collection. The short board and the long board, as you might imagine, serve different purposes and are used for different types of skating. The short board is what you might often see at a skate park while you might see a long board being ridden down the main street of a city or small town, carrying a person to a destination faster than if they were to walk.

Recently, motorized skateboards have been making their way onto the skateboarding scene. The electric boards that run on a battery can carry a rider for a good distance before needing a recharge. The technology of the battery, in general, has come a really long way. It is no longer an odd thing to see a skater on one of these boards.

The same thing goes for the long board. In fact, as a commuting vehicle, the motorized longboard is becoming more and more common, depending on what part of the country you live in. Finding a motorized longboard for sale is not hard to do. The internet is ripe with ads for them. There are many different sizes and models, all catering to the individual who has a specific desire and need for a certain kind of feel on their boards.

A quick look for a motorized longboard for sale can direct you to individuals selling their own boards or to specialty shops that offer the newest and best longboards on the market.