Most Expensive Flowers

Flowers are a popular decoration around the world. They look great in vases, flowerpots, and arrangements. Some flowers even have medicinal uses while others are used in food dishes. In this video, you will learn about some of the most expensive flowers in the world. These are flowers that you would be hard pressed to find at your local florist.

The first flower in the list is the Lisianthus. It is a vibrant purple flower that goes for about $4 per stem.

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This is because it only blooms once per year and are hard to grow.

The next flower is the Lilly of the Valley. This flower goes for about $5 per stem. These flowers have a very distinctive upside down bell shape to the bulbs.

The Hydrangea is yet another expensive flower. They go for about $7 per stem. They come in many varieties with 70-75 species around the world. The blue Hydrangea is particularly rare. Interestingly enough, the PH or acidity of the soil determines the color of the hydrangea. These flowers are expensive because they can only last for a day after being picked. For this reason, they are mostly used for special occasions such as weddings.