Why Your Church Needs a Video Wall

Clearly, non denominational, Wesleyan, and several other denominations of churches are looking towards a modern and technology-based future. With systems like Planning Center, Basecamp, and Slack being introduced into the general terminology, it is no wonder that there is an influx of pastors looking to freshen up their worship stage. Since so many church attendees participate and value the worship element of a service, church staff all over the world have begun implementing a church video wall onto their podiums. This video offers a few valuable reason as to why your church could use a video wall.

Video Source

One of the many benefits of a video wall is the legibility. Video walls can offer text-based media at a huge size, so the note-takers and older folks in your congregation can read the sermon notes and verse without any trouble. Additionally, your video wall can be used for any type of media your service may include. Worship lyrics, video intros, announcements slides, and even full-on virtual sermons are some of the many uses that church staff utilize their church video wall for. If it’s time to bring your church service into the 21st century, a video wall may be just the right investment.