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How Can You Make Your Home an Entertainment Haven? Here’s The Facts

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Did you know that about 38 million people watched a show through Hulu this past year? If home entertainment is your jam, then maybe you should be considering ways to improve what you already have. It?s your life, after all, and you?re only living it once — so instead of investing in things you essentially forget about the next week (whatever happened to that oriental rug you spent $500 on? Oh yeah — it?s in the attic), why not invest in something you?ll get a lot of use out of? Here?s a few recommendations you should keep in mind.

Get Your Home Theater Game On

You don?t need to be the White House in order to have a home theater. In fact, this is often a great use of a refinished basement since these rooms are naturally dimly lit and well insulated from outside noise, making them a great location for a ?mini theater.?

Although a big TV might seem like an obvious choice, it?s not your only one. Many home theater owners instead rely on projectors that can hook up to their laptops. This way you can show virtually anything you can pull up on your computer — and you can show it on as large a screen as you like. Just make sure to paint the walls white!

When it comes to the rest of your home theater system, investing in comfortable home theater seating is a must. Get those leather reclining chairs you?ve always dreamed of. If it seems expensive, consider this: every time you don?t bring your family to the theater and stay at home instead, you?ll likely be saving $50 or more. If you go to the movies just once every month, that adds up to over $600 over the course of a single year.

Finally, get a popcorn machine. Yes! They are often more affordable than you?d think, and this way you don?t need to rely on microwave bag popcorn for what should be a premium experience.

What Do Home Entertainment Experts Suggest?

If you?re not sure how to move forward, home entertainment experts suggest concentrating on things you do often. Do you love cooking? Then why haven?t you invested in an outdoor oven so that you can have amazing dinner on the patio? Or, why not invest in a wood burning pizza oven — just like the ones your favorite pizza place uses? These one time investments can bring decades of joy.

Well, there you have it. Customizing your home and turning it into an entertainment haven doesn’t need to be difficult, whether you’re a movie lover, a pizza lover, or perhaps a bit of both. Do you have any suggestions you’d like to add to what we know from home entertainment experts? Let us know in the comments.