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4 Wedding Trends for 2016 You Won’t Want to Miss

Outdoor events

2016 is a year for many weddings. If your wedding is included, then you may be wondering what exactly you can do to make your wedding ?pop.? There are several trends you may want to check out in the wedding world. Some trends are fleeting, but others represent a unique way to add flair to your special event. Let?s review.

Metallics are In

Whether it?s the table settings or the food, metallics are getting their time in the spotlight. Golds and coppers are used to add a rustic glamor to a number of settings. Stay away from silver: while it?s a nice, traditional accent, it?s not part of this trend as much. You can even consider incorporating metallics into your gown (perhaps with a stylish small belt, as many dresses are featuring this year).

Wedding Tent Rentals

Who said you need to get married in a church you haven?t attended for the past 10 years? Many couples are eschewing traditional wedding locations and instead choosing to celebrate outdoors. Wedding tent rentals can be useful for this purpose since the weather is often impossible to plan for so many months in advance. Even if it ends up being sunny, renting a tent can help keep your visitors in the shade and cool. Not only that, but wedding tents come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your special event.

Florals are Anything but Basic

Often, bouquets are nothing more than a mix of popular flowers that either the bride likes or that match the overall color scheme of the wedding. In 2016, though, you may want to consider playing around with popular trends instead. Florals don?t have to be basic; instead, they can be exciting. Consider 3D printed shapes to add to your bouquet for a bit of geometric charm. Alternatively, there?s succulents — this allows you to actually create LIVING bouquets that can serve as a memory of the event, after the fact.

Unique Wedding Rentals

How can you ensure your guests have a great time at your event? Besides having great food and music, consider a fun rental option, such as a photo booth. Many guests get a kick out of this and you’ll have great silly photos of the event as a result. Alternatively, invest in interactive simple lawn games that guests can play with a ball in one hand, drink in the other.