Automobile Art The Most Incredible Car Wraps Ever!

If you’ve spent any time out on the road, chances are that you have seen more than a few vehicle wraps. These vinyl covering cover just about every inch of a car’s exterior, making it stand out against the sea of flat and glossy cars. These cars are commonly made for advertising purposes, and are most seen in car racing.

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However, there are several exceptions in which people have bought custom car wraps purely for personal aesthetic. There are countless ways to wrap and design a car, so let’s check out 10 of the coolest ones. This video hosts a parade of the most awesome vehicle wraps ever!

The photos in this video truly speak for themselves, boasting every color on the spectrum paired with dazzling designs. Each of the Guess Brand Dodge Vipers took 120 hours of careful design work, creating many intricate lines and layered patterns that can leave you staring for hours. The Bugatti Veyron wrap is truly a sight to behold, with the vinyl giving the luxury vehicle an abstract shine. Finally, the McLaren P1 multi-colored chrome map is a project that blows the viewer away. Even though the design doesn’t follow body lines and was rushed into production, it’s grey and yellow accents make it an unforgettable piece.