An Intro to Storing Your Precious Artwork

Every artist knows the time and effort that goes into creating a piece. Whether it is an intricate sketch or a magnificent watercolor, you are going to want to keep your original pieces protected and safe from moisture and tears. This can be difficult with mediums like charcoals and oil pastels, which smudge very easily and are prone to transferring their color upon contact.

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If art is your main business, proper storage of your art can be the difference between an original selling for thousands and hundreds. In this video, we will look at the best way to keep your work safe and organized.

If you are looking to store a canvas, you can make your own felt pockets by stitching together a large piece of felt from your local craft store. This prevents the canvas from bumping into anything, as well as keeping it safe from the elements. tore these next to each other in your room, or in a large box separated by poster board squares. If you are looking to store your paper drawings, then this artist recommends investing in a professional portfolio, keeping each piece of paper laminated and all together in one place.