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Oct 23 2013

Nyc galleries —- Free Videos


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Oct 14 2013

Art Museums Can Enrich Your Life

Met museum store

As American schools continue to tighten their budgets, art and music is always among the first programs to get axed. In fact, the Huffington Post reports that half of California public schools have either cut or substantially reduced their arts programs. Yet, in the “real world,” creativity is one of the most valuable traits a person can possess.

Since the United States first emerged as an independent country, many Americans have taken pride in being simple, straightforward, and hardworking. Perhaps this stereotype was self-imposed, and originated as the antithesis to the more sophisticated British enemy. To some extent, it may have become a self-fulfilling prophecy from certain vantage points, but not all. As with any stereotype, it is largely built upon myths perpetuated by various, dubious resources. Then

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