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Sep 17 2013

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Sep 11 2013

Three Reasons to Bring Your Child to a Modern Art Museum

Indiana museum of art

When you live in the city, and you have kids, it can be difficult to come up with a day trip that is neither too expensive, nor too taxing for yourself or the kids. Movie prices remain ridiculous, and most kid shows will drive any adult insane. One affordable and fun option that most people never consider is to visit NYC museums. Modern art museums are a particularly good choice for kids, and as an added bonus, children usually get free admission.

Here are three reasons to try a modern art museum with your kids. Spoiler alert, abandoning them there is not one of the reasons.

  1. Programs for families.
  2. The modern art museum in NYC, more commonly known as MOMA, is not only one of the “big five” museums for modern art in the United States. MOMA happens to have special programs designed especia

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