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Dec 16 2017

Finding the Right Skateboard Is the Goal of Many as the Holidays Approach

Electric powered longboard

If you can find the right kind of electric skateboard for sale for your son, your holiday shopping will be complete. Your husband thinks that it is crazy that you are still purchasing powered skateboard for your son who has graduated from college, but it is the kind of gift that he still would like to have although he is not willing to spend his own money on one. And while you would think that after all of these years of your son being a skateboarder you would know everything there is to know about finding an electric skateboard for sale, the fact of the matter is that the technology and the trends change so quickly you really need a lot of help.

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Sep 28 2017

The Future of New Models Motorized Skateboards

Off road motorized skateboard

Stakeboarding is favorite to many not only for as a form of sport, but also for personal transportation over short distances, particularly the motor-driven models. In fact, 11 million people self-report that they enjoy skateboarding on a daily basis. Further studies show that the United States is the leading skateboarding market with about 50% market share. Over the years, this sporting equipment has experienced its fair share of innovation. Moving from the gasoline-powered skateboard to the now motor skateboards, a lot of technology has been in play.

The production of more technological skateboards means that you now have a wide selection of affordable and quality boards to choose from. While a majority of skateboards have similar design and features, they tend to slightly vary based on t

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