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Nov 26 2018

5 Tips for Creating Amazing Coffee Bags

If you’re not thinking about your company’s coffee bag designs, now is the time to start. A recent study found that companies paying close attention to their packaging notice a 30% increase in overall consumer interest. It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed while trying to figure out what will appeal to consumers. This goal is much easier to achieve after learning a few simple tips. With that in mind, here are five tips for designing custom coffee bags that appeal to your customers.

  1. Show Consumers What’s on the Inside

    Statistics show that 85% of shoppers make purchase decisions by reading product packages while shopping. Considering that, it’s wise to let these customers see what they’re thinking about purchasing. Therefore, you might be interested in finding custom coffee bags featuring window packaging. This allows customers to take a simple glance at your company’s coffee bag and know what’s inside.
  2. Include the Story of Your

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Oct 09 2018

Attractive Packing for Candy and Pets

Advertising is often the key component to any business selling its products and services, anything from vacuuming services to gas stations to novelty restaurants, and there are entire books, manuals, and classes in college based on learning the inner working and tricks to advertisement. Billboards, magazine and online ads, and more can bring awareness of a product or service to the people, but a sometimes overlooked aspect of product awareness is the actual packaging. Some products, such as coffee packaging bags, dog treat bags, and even medical marijuana bags can make the difference between a hot commodity and a forgotten product, and for personal works, a person can add flair and style to packaging for any item they make or share with friends, and custom candy bags can be great fun for a house party.

Coffee is one big arena where package quality should be conside

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Sep 03 2018

Preparing for a Party Can be Fun!

As you wrap a weekend of celebrating your oldest daughter’s 21st birthday it is difficult not to reflect on the parties of the past. From the custom candy bags that you created for guests in the past to this recent celebration which included a stops at a couple local bars and an afternoon at the casino, you have had some excellent celebrations.
The days of planning goodie bags for young birthday party guests to this last weekend of planning drivers so that everyone made it to their destination safely, your husband has often joked that the guests to these events received as many gifts as the person with the birthday. The fact that this weekend included healthy meals before and after the bar and casino stops, however, were a little bigger investment than the goody bags of the past.

  • It may just seem like a cat or a dog to someone else, but if you have a treasured family pet you have likely done your share of party planning for a feline or canine celebratio

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