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Preparing for a Party Can be Fun!

As you wrap a weekend of celebrating your oldest daughter’s 21st birthday it is difficult not to reflect on the parties of the past. From the custom candy bags that you created for guests in the past to this recent celebration which included a stops at a couple local bars and an afternoon at the casino, you have had some excellent celebrations.

The days of planning goodie bags for young birthday party guests to this last weekend of planning drivers so that everyone made it to their destination safely, your husband has often joked that the guests to these events received as many gifts as the person with the birthday. The fact that this weekend included healthy meals before and after the bar and casino stops, however, were a little bigger investment than the goody bags of the past.

  • It may just seem like a cat or a dog to someone else, but if you have a treasured family pet you have likely done your share of party planning for a feline or canine celebration, cat and dog treat bags included.
  • Treat bags for party guests are expecially poular for birthday celebrations for elementary children. Custom candy bags are a popular, and very affordable, option.
  • Secret Santa gifts are one way that the employees in an office celebrate the weeks leading up to the Christmas holiday.

  • As long as you are making plans for your upcoming wedding, you want to make sure that your out of town guests feel some love. Prepared gift bags, decorated in the wedding colors, of course, are a great way to greet your guests as they check into their hotel rooms.

  • Parents who have done a million things to help you get ready for the biggest of days deserve a little gift as well. Whether it is for a wedding or for a college graduation, it is a nice touch to gift your mother and father with a thank you gift as any big event gets started.
  • Activities like soccer games, gymnastics meets, and high school band trips are a great way to make sure that parents thank both the players and the coaches with a gift back full of essentials. From bottles of water to protein snacks to activities for long bus rides, creating a gift bag before any event is a great idea.
  • Road trips, in fact, can be really long if you are travelling with a large group. Planning the right kind of gift bag for all of the participants can help you create a little more comfortable ride.
  • Thank you gifts for teachers, including a gift card to a popular coffee shop or movie theater, can be easily prepared in colored gift bags that match the school’s mascot.
  • Year end celebrations for sporting teams, school activities, and other events are another great time to thank the adults who have helped and the athletes and students who have accomplished so much.

From printed coffee bags that are created for an end of the year thank you for an entire staff to custom candy bags for children coming to a birthday party, there are a number of ways you can make many people feel welcome and appreciated. The custom packaging industry has expanded into many areas beyond the typical uses for these products. What once may have only been affordable to large corporations as unique packaging design is now an option for a much wider market.

Since 85% of shoppers indicate that their purchase decisions are informed by reading a product package while shopping, it should come as no surprise that there are a number of ways to use these same packaging methods to make your guess fell welcome and appreciated. If 66% of consumers, according to a 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Study, have tried a new product because the packaging caught their eye, imagine the effect you can have on someone’s day with the right kind of thank you or welcome gift.

With a little bit of planning and the right kind of custom candy bags or other options, you can make sure that everyone knows that ITS A PARTY!