Why You Should Take Your Kids to the Art Museum

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When most people think about the best museums in NYC, they usually think about modern art museums and high culture. But if you have kids, they’re not going to appreciate it as much, and possibly keep you from fully appreciating the art yourself. So, why not take the kids somewhere else instead of the art museum in NYC? How about taking the kids to St Louis children s museums?

There tons of benefits of taking your kids to St Louis children s museums. These places that are geared directly towards children encourage and support the interactions between kids and parents, while simultaneously providing educational experiences where families can play, create and learn all together about many different topics like art, music, science, nature, math, language, reasoning, communication or health.

Although, because kids can get anxious and act kind of crazy sometimes, it’s a good idea to plan a trip ahead of time. In fact, it’s a good idea to involve kids with the planning process by talking to them about the exhibits. This will help get them excited, and encourage a high level of participation. Also, take a look at what your child is currently learning about in school so that you can relate it to the exhibits and the museum and reinforce what school has already taught them.

Now, keep in mind that kids don’t have the same attention spans as adults. Whilst visiting the St Louis children s museum, go at your child’s pace, and be ready to take a couple breaks. Once your child says their tired or bored, it may be a good indicator that it’s time to leave, or take a break.

Not to mention the fact that according to Zagat’s U.S. family travel guide, the best kid’s museum in the world is, in fact, a St Louis children s museum? The Magic House even beat out Disney’s Magic Kingdom back in 2005 for the top spot. This particular St Louis children s museum is dedicated to hands on learning experiences to help kids understand science.

Remember: the goal when visiting a St Louis children s museum is to get kids asking questions, get them interested in the material and reinforce things they’ve already learned. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.