Three interesting facts about the Met

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, also known as The Met, Met New York or Met Museum of Art, is one of the most recognized museums in NYC and the world. The Met is one of the best museums in NYC because it is the largest museum in the county. The Met art collection is the third largest in the world. Moreover, it is not just the number of collection that makes Met New York one of the best museums in NYC but the significance of its collections. If you have not visited Met museum nyc, here are four interesting facts that you might find interesting and might encourage you to visit it next time you are in New York.

First of course is the collection. You might find it interesting to know that Met New York has more than two million art works. These are divided into seventeen curatorial departments. The collection of Met museum NYC includes classical art, Ancient Egyptian art, European masters, American art, modern art, Asian, African, Byzantine, Islamic and Oceanic art. Met ny also has wide collection of instruments, costumes, weapons and armors which some can be traced back to the medieval times and the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations.

Second, Met New York was established in the year 1870. A group of Americans, led by John Jay, decided to create a gallery of art for the education and pleasure of the people of America. Under the leadership of John Jay, many individuals including artists, businessmen, collectors of arts and philanthropists began supporting the initiative. The museum was incorporated in 1870 and was opened that same year to the public. The following year, several collections from Europe added to the collection of Met New York. These included works by Anthony van Dyke and others. The museum was then located at the Dodworth Building at 681 Fifth Avenue New York. The museum was then moved to its current location on the 20th of March 1880. Over the years the collection of Met New York increased. The Cloister museum and gardens was opened to the public in 1938. The Cloister museum and gardens is located at Fort Tyron Park and features medieval art exclusively. The Cloister became possible because of the generosity of John D. Rockefeller who contributed his collection of art to the museum and provided endowment for future acquisitions.

Third, there is the Met museum store which you will really find interesting. There you can find jewelry, books, home decor, apparel, accessories and other offers. The Met New York has an online catalog where you can see all the items that are for sale. You can also see really wonderful items, such as the Met Watch collection. The store also offers eGift certificates and even offer shipping to multiple addresses. The best thing about the store is that each item that is inspired by a particular art or a reproduction represents the original.