The Process of Glass Manufacturing

Glass is a popular material to use for art pieces. This is in part because of its translucent nature. Plus, it can be colored into stained glass pieces. These wonderful pieces of art are often found in churches and cathedrals. In fact, cathedrals have commissioned stained glass windows for centuries.

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If you haven’t witnessed these marvels for yourself, you should really consider taking some time to do so. While some of these windows are incredibly old, they can go through stained glass restoration and look like new as they did hundreds of years ago. In this video, you will learn how glass is made in the first place.

The base component in glass is sand. The first step is to use a filter to separate the sand particulates from other debris. Otherwise, the glass could become cloudy with other impurities. This sand is then placed in a giant furnace where it is heated to extreme temperatures. This allows the sand to melt into a molten state. This is crucial because this allows the glass to be molded into a sheet or window. This is the first step to making stained glass windows.