How to Screen Print T-Shirts

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Screen printing is a great way to design printed t-shirts that are totally individualized to the maker. This video will show you how to screen print your own t-shirts.

The screen is the most crucial part. This is the stencil you will use to apply the print to the t-shirt. Other equipment you’ll need is transparency paper, a sheet of plexiglass, emulsion, headlamp, scoop coater, and a blow dryer.

Apply the emulsion to the outside and back of the screen with the scoop coater. Let it dry and clean off the scoop coater. Make sure to not let the emulsion be exposed to light or it will harden and ruin the print.

There are various ways to design the actual print from using illustrating software to simply drawing it by hand. Whichever works for you. Apply your design backward to the front of the screen and lay plexiglass on top to hold it down. Expose the print to the floodlamp for around two minutes.

Next, take your screen and wash it off outside. Now your print design is ready to go on the shirt. Again, you can use any colors of paint you want to apply the design. Paint on and then squeegee off the excess.

All that’s left to do is let the paint dry and you have your very own custom shirt. Follow along in the video above.