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For a Fun Alternative to Gym Exercises, Try Dance Lessons

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There are many different kinds of exercise you can try to stay in shape or maintain a healthy weight. From running and biking to swimming, hiking, and weightlifting, the options are virtually limitless. But did you know dancing is a great, effective form of exercise? Well, it is, which is good news considering the fact that less than five percent of adults in the U.S. get at least thirty minutes of exercise each day. Additionally, an estimated 80 percent or more U.S. adults fail to meet the basic guidelines for muscle-strengthening and aerobics activities. Suffice it to say, the number of out of shape American adults is rising. If you’re one of those out of shape individuals but don’t get excited about spending hours in the gym, maybe it’s time to consider signing up for dance classes to learn the tango, waltz, or rumba for a fun alternative to the traditional gym workout.

Not only is knowing how to dance a good skill to have for family weddings and the occasional special occasion that includes dancing of some form, but it turns out it’s a fun and effective way to burn pesky calories. In fact, according to reports, a person weighing 150 pounds can burn 240 calories per hour while dancing. Maybe that’s why there has been a spike in the number of people signing up to take dance lessons over the last decade. But what makes dancing such an effective form of exercise? Well, for starters it’s constant movement for a long period of time. The more the body moves, the more calories it burns. Also, more people are likely to stick to dancing as their go-to method of exercise because it’s fun.

In addition to being a great workout, it’s also good to know how to dance for special occasions, like weddings. Did you know that nearly 44,230 weddings take place each weekend in the U.S.? Most wedding receptions have a dance floor and music, and guests are encouraged to dance to celebrate the happy couple. This is a lot easier when you actually know how to dance. Whether you bust out the tango or waltz, being able to dance makes a wedding celebration more fun. What do you think? Do you know how to dance the tango or waltz?