Family fun activities

5 Family Activities To Spend More Time Together

family entertainmentIt might surprise you to know that about 67% of teenagers in the United States say they want to spend more time with their parents. Though it goes against what most people think they know about their teens, it should hearten parents of soon-to-be teens. To capitalize on the potential for your child’s desire to spend time with you, it helps to come up with some good family entertainment ideas. Here are just a few fun games to play to get you started.

  1. Poker
    If you have a close-knit family that’s fiercely competitive, various poker games might be a good idea. Teens won’t see it as childish, and they will get the chance to win some money along the way.
  2. Scrabble
    For the wordsmiths out there, Scrabble is an excellent way to hone your English skills and broaden your vocabulary. Make up new rules to keep it interesting. A fun additional rule for the game is allowing made up words if the player can define it well enough that everybody playing agrees to let it be played.
  3. Cards Against Humanity
    This one might not be for the more conservative parents, but your teen is guaranteed to love it. Mashing Madlibs and irreverent humor, you make full sentences as comical as possible.
  4. Risk
    This is for the strategists out there who have way too much time on their hands. Risk is a board game that pits player against player in the quest for total global domination. If you want to introduce your teen to strategy and critical thinking in an enjoyable environment, this might be the perfect family entertainment for you.
  5. Bingo
    If you have ever taken part in a bingo tournament, you know how intense it can get. Your whole family will be on the edge of their seats waiting for the chance to win big. Bingo games are perfect for families of all ages.

If you are interested in finding a fun and wholesome family entertainment activity to spend more time together, you have plenty of ideas to choose from. Think about what types of activities your family already do together, and find a new game to expand your interests together.