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Aug 13 2018

Fancy Plastic Tableware Saves Money and Time

A total of $72 billion is spent on weddings annually in the United States. An average of 2.4 million weddings occur in the U.S. each year and the average amount spent on a traditional American wedding with an average of 136 guests is $35,329. Baby Showers are also popular and are becoming more elegant in theme. Many think that achieving an elegant look is costly but, with fancy plastic tableware, you can accentuate the decorations without losing any elegance.

Having Too Much Won’t Cost Too Much

Since most disposable serveware is sold in packages, anticipate the amount you need and buy a little more. Having more on hand for your event is easier and less expensive with disposable options. Even if you don’t use them all, you can save them or use them at home. If you’re planning a party, make sure to have about 100 napkins for every 25 guests. Expect guests to use multiple disposable cups. Have about 75 glasses for every 25 guests and at least three disposable plates per g

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