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Aug 12 2013

Must See Modern Art Museums

Met museum store

Visiting a modern art museum may or may not be at the top of your to do list. Even if you are not the greatest fan of modern art, or do not fully understand it, you should still give the experience a try with an open mind. Even if you find some of the art to be quite ugly, the idea is to have that experience open your mind creatively.

One of the most famous and interesting modern art museums you could visit would probably be the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, also known as the MET. This modern art museum dates back to 1866, when a group of Americans in Paris decided to create a national institution and gallery of art. Their intentions were to bring art and art education to the people of America.

The art museum became a reality for these Americans in 1938. This is when the Cloisters museum and ga

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