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Jun 29 2013

How to Find the Best Art Museums in the United States

The met art

New York City is a popular place for artists to come together to create impressive artwork. One of the most popular modern art museums in NYC is the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). This museum is actually the most celebrity art museum. A wide range of contemporary artwork and modern architectural art and designs draw crowds from around the world. In addition to the NYC museum scene, are museums in Denver are also drawing crowds from around the country and the world. You can find information about Denver art museum hours easily online by using social media sites, business directories, and the Denver art museum site itself.

In addition to gaining information about Denver art museum hours, you also can gain information about the schedule of shows. A schedule is important if you plan to visit any museum, especially if

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Jun 20 2013

Three Big Players in the American Art Scene

Met new york

The history of museums is a long one, and worldwide, it would be hard to pin down when art museums first started appearing. Art has been collected for many hundreds of years, but in earlier times was often used as display in churches, temples and private residences rather than in any one location that simply existed for showcasing art.

In Europe after the Middle Ages, opening up parts of palaces, castles, and homes of the elite to the public became more popular, especially as a price could be extracted for the visit. English housemaids, for example, would give tours of the homes they worked in during the long periods the family would spend somewhere else.

Today, there are many famous art museums located in the United States. Some of the more well known contenders include the Met museum of art in NYC, the Philly art museum, and the modern art museum also located in New York, known as the MoMA.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or MET as it is affectionately termed, is the largest museum in the US, and one of the three largest museums in the entire world. It has a permanent collection of over two million works ranging from classical antiquity to modern art. Currently the Met NY has a pay as you wish admission, with the recommended donation of 25 dollars.

The Philly Art Museum, or Philadelphia Museum of Art, is also one of the largest art museums in the US, with a collection of more than a quart of a million pieces. The Philly art museum was originally established as part of the very first World Fair, the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia. The Philly art museum has a basic entrance fee of 20 dollars.

The MoMA, or Museum of Modern Art has been important to the development of modern art, and has often been identified as one of the most influential modern art museums in the world. The original idea for the art museum was developed back in 1929 by Abby, the wife of John Rockefeller, and two of her close friends.

Jun 13 2013

Use Storage Pods Today and Save Yourself Time, Money and Hassel


My friends adventured out West. We went to college on the East coast, and many of them hated the weather here. So naturally they sought out jobs out near Oregon or California.

When they found the jobs, and left me behind, it was a happy day. Since I was not going to get to go with them, I found myself trying to encourage and help them other ways.

Without trying to seem like I wanted them to leave, I looked into long distance movers, and moving pods to help expedite their long journey.

They still joked that I wanted them to leave, but they were thankful for my gifts of storage pods, and eternally grateful once they had gotten there after a couple days of driving. Turns out they could track the pods that rented for them online, so when there was a few days delay with them, they knew where they were and did not have to panic about someone stealing or raiding their valuables.

Plus, it saved them a ton of money. Between the cost of their own labor and their mental stress, and the cost of gas, the pods kept a lot more green in their wallets than expected. Local delivery fees were way more affordable to them than fuel costs.

Maybe when I get out there I will use pods. Who knows? Maybe I will not even attempt to go there and travel even father east to the actual coast.

Does anyone else have any experiences with pods that they would like to share? Please, comment and tell your moving stories and your pods adventures with everyone.

Jun 13 2013

Let Pods Take The Stress Out of Moving


When you are planning a long distance move, you should rent pods containers to help take the hassles out of moving. Pods containers are empty storage containers that are brought to your home so you can pack your belongings at your leisure. The pods container is large enough to hold all of your biggest household items, so pack it to capacity before the long distance movers come and pick it up. You hold the lock and key, so you can rest assured that your stuff will stay safe and secure. The movers will put it on the back of their truck and take it to your new home. This adds a level of convenience to your long distance move that is unsurpassed. Rent pods now for all of your moving and storage needs. Whether you are moving a private residence or a business, pods is perfect for moving your items securely. For businesses, pods are perfect for storing extra inventory, or for moving it from one place to another. Let the pods containers help you with moving your business to its new location without the hassles.

It is recommended to keep a checklist of all the items you stored in the container, and check off each one as you unpack it in your new home. Also, it is a good idea to keep your container locked at all times to ensure that nothing is stolen or falls out when it is in transit. If you have been unable to find a new home before you move out of your old one, the pods container can be taken to the warehouse and kept there for a period of time. This will allow you to move out of your new home and make sure your belongings are safe at the same time. Have everyone in your household pack a suitcase, and use this on the trip from your old home to your new one. Have your power company turn off the power in your old home the day you leave; and have them turn the power on in your new home right before you arrive. These tips will keep stress at bay, and will help ensure you are organized and ready for moving day. Pods can take even more stress off of you by allowing you to pack your items on your time clock. Trust the movers and pods with your move.

Jun 12 2013

Museums Are Created to Inspire

Modern art museum

When we think about visiting the art museum, we think about roaming through quiet spaces decked with antique paintings and sculptures. We conjure images of red velvet roped areas that keep the viewer from something old and valuable. We see ourselves peering into rooms filled with paintings illuminated by under lighting and told by brief captions.

The art museum is a place where history adorning walls and floors tells stories from the minds and hands of some of the greatest artists ever. The art museum is a place where one can go to understand and appreciate art as well as to feel inspired, amazed and amused. Here a few reasons to visit some of the country’s great art museums, including the Art Museum Milwaukee, Art Museum St Louis, the New york metropolitan museum of art and the Museum of Art Philadelphia. Visiting the art museum is a feel good experience. Art museums are proven to create happiness in people because they provide positive personal interpretations. And hitting the Met museum store is always a bonus! The Met museum store is a great place to stop for a break, as well as a place to visit on your way out. The Met museum store staff can help visitors find just the right token with which to leave.

That means, we get to play judge to some of history’s greatest artworks, and that makes us happy. We are free to roam and decide what we like or don’t like while critiquing various forms of art. Of course, visiting the art museum can also be meaningful because you are in the company of artwork, some of which was created by art geniuses and masters. Museums become sources of inspiration where viewers can learn more about the arts and begin to cultivate a fondness of art appreciation. It’s impossible to leave a gallery without gaining knowledge and insight.

A trip to the art museum exposes visitors to in depth information in a museum environment that allows people to create their own experiences and learn about subjects that interest them. The art museum continues to be a place for ongoing discussions among learning institutions regarding the museum’s ability to connect to visitors through informal learning. They are also great places to get trinkets and mementos by visiting the Met museum store and other art museum shops and boutiques. You can find a lot of fun and inspiring things to buy at the Met museum store. So, get to the art museum and get inspired. They are some of the only on site centers that foster a sense of personal connection with visitors. They are the places where memories and personal experiences never expire.