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Nov 15 2018

Need Fat Stacks of Cash for Your Next Production?

Whether you are directing a play, a film, or a music video, you know how important props are. In today’s culture people are used to high definition special effects and film props that look like the real thing; even if that real thing is a giant alien spaceship, that may or may not actually be real… I’ll have to ask the aliens when I see them next. Anyway, props are important, and if there is one thing that catches people’s eyes it is stacks of money. Big fake stacks of money. (Because let’s face it, we’re not using our whole budget as a prop.) Money is eye catching, and whoever hold the stack must be an important figure.

How to Make Prop Money

If your making a film, or directing a play and you need fake money stacks here are some tips on how to make some real (fake) moolah for yourself!

  • First thing to note: It is ILLEGAL to make COLOR copies of U.S. dollar bills! However, you can photocopy real currency in black and white! Change the sizing to

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