Nov 07 2018

In today’s world of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, people sure do love taking pictures. According to data from Benedict Evans, people share 730 billion photos per year on Facebook and around 22 billion per year on Instagram. In fact, the number of photographs captured every two minutes today is the same as the number of photographs taken by all of mankind in the 1800s.

One of the most fun and creative ways to take photos is in a photo booth, especially at a wedding. While there are many must-haves for the big day, a fun addition is a photo booth. It can enhance the mood at a reception and provides extra entertainment. On your wedding day, why not have as much fun as possible?
Here are 5 benefits to having a photo booth at your wedding:

  • More Entertainment: While a DJ is making sure everyone is having fun on the dance floor, photo booth machines are a fun addition to entertain those who aren’t dancing. On your wedding day you and your significant other are

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Nov 07 2018

Ah, Thanksgiving. Football, family, ruthless electronics sales. Our favorite part of Thanksgiving, however, has just got to be the food. From turkey all the way down to corn on the cob, there are a number of Thanksgiving staples that appear on many families tables across the country. Some other dishes are not staples of every family, but still have their place in the holiday.

Here, we’ll be listing 6 of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes that might not be first on everyone’s mind when it comes to our favorite autumn season holiday, but could be a big hit at your dinner party nonetheless.

1. Apple Pie

Though everyone commonly associates Thanksgiving with pumpkin pie, we’re willing to go out on a limb and proclaim apple pie as the superior pie. Whether you decide to go with store-bought, fresh from a bakery or homemade, an apple pie can be the perfect dessert to

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Oct 09 2018

Advertising is often the key component to any business selling its products and services, anything from vacuuming services to gas stations to novelty restaurants, and there are entire books, manuals, and classes in college based on learning the inner working and tricks to advertisement. Billboards, magazine and online ads, and more can bring awareness of a product or service to the people, but a sometimes overlooked aspect of product awareness is the actual packaging. Some products, such as coffee packaging bags, dog treat bags, and even medical marijuana bags can make the difference between a hot commodity and a forgotten product, and for personal works, a person can add flair and style to packaging for any item they make or share with friends, and custom candy bags can be great fun for a house party.

Coffee is one big arena where package quality should be conside

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Sep 24 2018

One of the many irreplaceable joys in life is the joy of giving gifts. Whether it is someone you love or care about or someone you appreciate and respect, giving gifts can always be a pleasure. Putting a smile on the faces of people can be really easy if you choose the right gifts for them and this is where you can really use some smart decision-making. Buying gifts can be difficult and finding the right places which you can leverage for things like miniature gifts, unique small gifts, and fun little gift ideas can really make things a lot easier for you. Gift shops, both brick and mortar stores, and online stores, are coming up at a rapid rate and you might be confused by the sheer volume of choices available. However, with a little smartness and insight, you can really streamline your gift shopping experience and find gifts that make an impression.

When it comes to shopping for special gifts,

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