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3 Places where you can find information about NYC museums and galleries

New york city contemporary art

NYC galleries are some of the best in the world. You can find anything from classical paintings and sculptures of the masters to contemporary art prints. So if you are visiting the city and have no time to visit all the art galleries in NYC, here are the best places where you can find the all the information and the latest offerings in art museums in NYC. These will help you find the best galleries in nyc during your stay in New York.

One of the best places to start is the official website of the city, specifically the Official New York City Guide to NYC Attractions. It has a list of art museums in NYC and their upcoming events. You can see from the site the galleries NYC events. The site allows for date search so you can actually schedule your trip or visit to the city based on what the art museums in NYC have to offer. Or, you can easily find what the city galleries have to offer during the days of your visit or stay. Another good place to search for art galleries and museums is through blogs. There are many blogs about the city, particularly about the arts. You will not have any problem finding a good blog with insights as to what a particular museum or gallery has to offer. Finally, you can also research the websites of the museums and galleries then check what about their upcoming events and shows. Their websites also offers information about their collection so you can see if they are worth visiting or if you should find another museum or gallery to visit. Find more on this topic here.