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He said anglers are doing well using minnows for bait while trolling and vertical fishing. He reports anglers are picking up striped bass with anchovies on the river. Apache: 97%. Information: (928) 355-2261. Bass are reportedly being caught at depths of 40 to 50 feet and are eating such lures as spoons, Trendsetter jigs and Kastmasters. Alamo: 8% full; Apache: 92%; Bartlett: 44%; Canyon 95%; Havasu: 91%; Horseshoe: 7%; Mead: 39%; Mohave: 92%; Pleasant: 86%; Powell 52%; Roosevelt: 54%; Saguaro: 92%; San Carlos: 6%. According to the experts at Liar’s Korner in Mesa, fishing is good in the early mornings while targeting surfacing shad. One anger reported tough fishing for bass and crappie for him and a friend, however he said the catfish catching was good. Information: (619) 222-1144 in San Diego or (602) 266-2624 at Phoenix Fishing Supply. Apache: 95%. Information: (520) 388-4451. He also revealed the lake was offering excellent channel catfish and bluegill action. Alamo: 14% full. At night, throw Texas-rigged or dropshot-rigged plastic worms over points and islands at depths of 4 to 18 feet of water. The panfish are always near cover and such structural changes as natural ledges or drop-offs. Willow Springs and Woods Canyon lakes are the top spots on the Mogollon Rim. Alamo, 8%; Apache: 93%; Bartlett: 45%; Canyon: 95%; Havasu: 92%; Horseshoe: 8%; Mead: 40%; Mohave: 92%; Pleasant: 87%; Powell 52%; Roosevelt: 56%; Saguaro: 92%; San Carlos: 6%. Information: (602) 606-5600. Information: Alamo: 7% full; Apache: 94%; Bartlett: 45%; Canyon: 95%; Havasu: 93%; Horseshoe: 3%; Mead: 38%; Mohave: 93%; Pleasant: 37%; Powell: 49%; Roosevelt: 38%; Saguaro: 92%. Spinners of several types are working on the smallmouth bass as are reaction baits overall during the mornings and afternoons. When planning your next fishing adventure, you just want “The Reel Deal.” Stay up to date with weekly highlights of what’s biting around the state. Information: (619) 222-1144 in San Diego or (602) 266-2624 at Phoenix Fishing Supply. After fishing over a weekend the anglers went back on a Monday and found the lake had iced over. Try reaction baits early in the morning and in the afternoon. Everything else is fair, according to reports. Information: (480) 986-2515. A good example is the 33-pounder caught recently at Green Valley Lake in Payson. Saguaro: 94%. The nets have caught some bass, many 17-inch catfish and a rainbow trout that measured 16 inches, plus northerns. Information: (928) 774-5045. Canyon: 98%. He was using a shaky head rig with a plastic worm and the Ned Rig. Information: (619) 222-0784 in San Diego or (602) 266-2624 at Phoenix Fishing Supply. A pair of anglers reported using Power Bait to catch lots of trout. Also receiving good marks on the Ft. Apache are Little Bear, Sunrise and Hawley lakes. Reports indicate anglers doing well on worms set up on Santee rigs to keep the worms away from the crayfish. Mead: 39%. The lake is now 15 percent full, according to Corps of Engineers reports. Double check open and closed areas due to fire danger, however summer rains have somewhat lessened fire issues. A 4.13-pound largemouth bass was caught by an angler fishing from a boat at Fool Hollow Lake. Two anglers recently reported catching over 50 crappies but keeping only 15 of the largest ones. The issue could be a problem until late June or early July. When the sun hits the water switch to dropshots and jigs. Green/garlic Power Bait was the bait of choice. Ted Wong of Phoenix Fishing reported catching six fish at Lower Lake Mary and four of them measured between 14 and 20 inches each. A tribal spokesperson reported the lake was 20 percent full and crappie anglers were still doing well. Information for the Fishing Report is periodically provided by anglers, as well as the experts at the Arizona Game and Fish Department, Arizona Anglers, Liar’s Korner, Phoenix Fishing Supply, Pinetop Sporting Goods, White Mountain Apache Tribe, San Carlos Apache Tribe, Lake Mary Country Store, Parker Canyon Lake store, Fly Fish Arizona and Beyond and H&M Landing in San Diego. Reports are circulating of good walleye action at Lake Mary. Both impoundments contained spawning walleye pike along with large smallmouth bass and channel catfish. Last weekend anglers were catching fish on Power Bait and one angler used flies from a boat catching a 13-inch brown trout and 10 rainbow trout. Information: (928) 532-2307. H&M Landing reported sending 37 anglers out on two trips and they caught 96 rockfish and a few other species. All waters were to be stocked late last week. For largemouth and yellow bass follow the suggestions listed for Apache Lake. Also try anchovies. Jeffrey Taviano. Angling is said to be fair for crappies where fresh water is flowing into the lake. Striper fishermen also did well. Ted Wong of Phoenix Fishing Supply says he is getting reports of great crappie fishing a San Carlos. Information: (928) 532-2307. As the weather turns cold, salmon and steelhead fishing picks up. Lower Lake Mary is full of rainbow trout and anglers are reporting catching fish on Power Bait and flies. Reaction baits are helpful as the bass chase shad schools. Powell: 47%. If you want to take a hefty walk go for browns at Chevelon Canyon. Alamo: 13% full. Catifsh are now being planted in community waters. Fishing has slowed down due to increased flows, however some anglers are doing well on a reaction bite produced by SR5-sized crankbaits in darker colors. Just about everything that contains water has a fish in it since more trout than usual have been planted for a variety of reasons. Anglers planning on fishing Chevelon should remember there is a pretty good hike to the lake, only two trout may be kept and fishing is limited to the use of artificial flies and lures. One young angler reported catching two 12-inch trout recently at Veterans Oasis Park in Chandler. Sunday they caught 31 more before being blown off the lake due to high winds. For best results use swimbaits capable of diving 8 to 15 feet, Robo worms on dropshot rigs and lipless Rat-L-Traps cast around primary and secondary points where smallmouths school to chase shad or feed on crayfish. Alabama rigs are also working well. An angler reported catching a 10-pound largemouth bass in late February. Stream fanatics might want to try Canyon Creek. At night, especially under a full moon, use submersible lights to attract bait fish which in turn will attract stripers. Anglers fishing below Davis Dam are doing well on rainbow trout and striped bass, according to reports from Riviera Marina. Information: (623) 412-3474. Spinners and spoons are reportedly picking up recently stocked brown trout at Kinnikinick Lake. LaPorte says dropshots are also taking fish at Saguaro. Information: (480) 986-2515. Anglers are picking up large crappie by trolling Roadrunner lures topped with minnows just past the buoy line at mid-lake. | Links Information: (602) 266-2624. Use Texas-rigged plastic worms in the Boulder Creek Recreation Area. The experts say to check out the northern coves, such as Castle Creek, Coles or Humbug for striped bass action. Small northern pike have been active. Information: (480) 986-2515. Reports from Arizona Fishing Guides indicate bass are on the move from the depths and heading for shallower water. Information: (520) 388-4451. Yellow bass are always an option if the bass are not cooperative. Horseshoe: 88%. Information: (928) 468-0263. Information: (928) 774-5045. Saguaro has been putting out some big bass caught from the deep grass by anglers using a dropshot or a shaky head. Lake Powell striped bass guru Wayne Gustaveson reports that February was a great month for striper fishing in the southern portion of the giant lake. Apache: 95%. Anglers must hike in and are limited to using artificial flies and lures and can only catch two rainbow or brown trout. Fish up to seven pounds are being caught. Dogtown will be planted soon. In addition, the bald eagle closure at Lynx Lake has been lifted. Some anglers at Canyon Lake are doing well throwing dropshot Robo worms near cattails in 10 to 20 feet of water. Information: (619) 222-1144 in San Diego or (602) 266-2624 at Phoenix Fishing Supply. Morning. Information: (480) 981-9400. Check out Dead Horse Ranch State Park for hefty bass as big as 5 pounds. Mohave: 91%. Dogtown Lake near Williams has been good for trout including one that measured 23 inches. Information: (602) 942-3000. For example, a resident lifetime fishing license currently costs $296 for individuals age 62 and up. Crappie anglers are reporting a few catches by trolling quarter-ounce jigs with a grub tipped with a minnow. Reports indicate bass have been very cooperative near the dam and Windy Hill. Pleasant: 66%. Despite low flows from the Salt River and no flows from Tonto Creek, anglers are finding good top-water action as well as decent action near main-lake points using Texas and Carolina rigs. Information: (480) 772-8460. by RUSTY / Riviera Marina. Lots of holdovers. Also getting good marks are Bear Canyon and Black Canyon lakes. Information: (480) 986-2515. Apache: 95%. Nightcrawlers are catching trout and largemouth and smallmouth bass are hitting pumpkin or blue/green flake plastics. On Lake Mohave proper, try close to the dam in deep water near the powerlines. Chevelon is a “hike-in” water and anglers are limited to using artificial lures and flies and can only keep two fish. Information: (623) 412-3474. A recent report indicted an angler caught an 8.22-pound largemouth bass. According to reports, stream fishing has been excellent in the East Fork of the Black River and the Little Colorado River at Greer. The river flows dropped somewhat April 1 allowing more access to wading areas and improving midge fishing. He says he recently used square-billed crankbaits to catch 17 walleyes and four catfish. Pleasant: 56%. Roosevelt: 57%. If such an incident results in a death or serious injury the report must be filed within 48 hours. The Cholla launch ramp is available and the main launch ramp should be open as well. Crappie fishing is reported to be excellent at both lakes where large schools have been reported in the 20- to 50-foot depths. As the sun rises try Texas-rigged lizards or drift gizzard shad swimbaits. Trout are being stocked weekly between Community and Rotary parks. Both anglers caught a lot of hefty fish. Largemouth bass are biting at Parker Canyon Lake, according to a few circulated reports. Flathead catfish action has been excellent at night for anglers using such live bait as bluegills or carp. San Carlos Reservoir Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots. Action was also good at Willow Springs and Woods Canyon lakes. Alamo: 11% full. As usual the top spots are Willow Springs and Woods Canyon lakes. Largemouth and smallmouth bass are feeding on bluegills and sunfish in the shoreline vegetation. According to the San Diego Dock totals, 332 anglers on 11 trips brought back 234 rockfish 105 bluefin tuna, 34 yellowfin tuna, 16 yellowtail and a variety of additional species. Fishing has been good at Big Lake and is getting better now that 3,000 “supercatchable” trout averaging 13-inches have been planted in the lake. The stripers should be moving up into shallow water as temperatures drop. This lake will be stocked with trout next week. A 32-pound striped bass was recently caught below Davis Dam. Roosevelt: 62%. Anglers are doing well with Senkos and dropshot rigs. For crappies he suggests slowly trolling or drifting Road Runners or Beetle-Spin type jigs tipped with live minnows along flooded trees in 17 to 25 feet of water early and late in the day. The 175 anglers out of H&M Landing were responsible for catching 154 rockfish, 16 sculpin, 12 yellowtail and a handful of additional species. Overall, the experts call for anglers to fish for largemouth bass using Carolina rigs, Texas rigs and dropshot rigs as the conditions, colors and depths change. Also working were Texas-rigged and Carolina rigged Brush Hogs and dropshot rigged Roboworms. Saguaro: 93%. A 9.5-pound largemouth was caught at Canyon on a spinnerbait in late December. iTunes; Google Play; Additional links. They can also be caught on A-rigs, swimbaits, spoons and spinners. Anglers recently posted some big numbers at Fain and Lynx lakes. Information: (623) 412-3474. Alamo: 13% full. Check regulations to read advisories against eating warm water fish from the lake. According to Gary Senft of Bass Pro Shops bass are biting more consistently during bright moonlight and cloudless nights. Mead: 39%. At Kaibab Lake near Williams use flies in the upper part of the lake. Information: (623) 412-3474. Stripers, according to Vanderhoof, are in 20 to 60 feet of water with the shad and can be found suspended on main-lake points along dropshoffs. Lynx put out good numbers of brown and rainbow trout ranging in size up to 17 and 18 inches. Garlic-scented rainbow Power Bait is the top attractant for trout at Ashurst Lake near Flagstaff, according to angler reports. Caught my first fish in the huddelston today and it's … Alamo, 11%; Apache: 95%; Bartlett: 48%; Canyon: 95%; Havasu: 92%; Horseshoe: 12%; Mead: 41%; Mohave: 93%; Pleasant: 84%; Powell 55%; Roosevelt: 58%; Saguaro: 93%; San Carlos: 6%. Currently, according to Phoenix Fishing Supply informants, limits of schooling yellowfin tuna are being caught and a number of 100-pound-plus bluefin tuna are being taken. The best spring fishing at Lake Powell occurs when the water temperature climbs past 64 degrees. Information: (928) 468-0263. Bass at most desert lakes are beginning stage for spawning. Information: (928) 774-5045. Information: He reports visibility continues to be bad, however some anglers are catching fish. .Portions of the lake continue to be closed through June 15 for the benefit of nesting bald eagles. Bass are not usually planted in Community waters due to the expense. Look where we live this is super season for fishing! Throw swimbaits for striped bass. Information: (480) 986-2515. Action was much slower for an angler using worms under a bobber. Ice is covering a number of the lakes in this region, including Carnero, Hulsey, Lee Valley, Luna and Nelson.

Scrappy Larry Susan Obituary, Scrappy Larry Susan Obituary, Nano Sponge Filter, America Vice President Email, Uconn Huskies Women's Ice Hockey, E Class Coupe Malaysia, America Vice President Email,


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