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Two weeks does sound a little excessive, but I suppose it will depend on things like humidity and how long it takes to dry. KILZ L377611 1-part Epoxy Acrylic floor paint. The floor is a laminate wood floor. However, this should only be used as a last resort, as paint thinners are known to be highly chemically-reactive solvents that can have a negative effect on hardwood floors. Hope that helps. However, when purchasing it, make sure it is specifically for floors as it has more resistance against foot traffic. like blending paint? Thanks, Sharon. Any suggestions? Thanks!!! Until we can afford to do the bathroom properly? We finally “found” the old wood floors in every room I borrowed a floor sander and went to work- learning as i go. should i take the oil stain off and follow your directions or can the stain take paint?? I would appreciate your thoughts on my situation. Thanks for taking time to read my questions. Hi Bill, Love, love, love your blog! it will be high traffic as it is the living,dining and kitchen areas. They looked good for about 6 months but then after that the paint started chipping off. Do I have to strip the old paint color off first? have a sheen value, I will keep this guide focused on colored paint. As for that stain, paint should hide it, and you can apply another layer of paint (once its dried) for the pattern. Hope that helps. The master BR and living room have bamboo flooring. Still, that doesn’t mean you want them covered in paint splatter or other unsightly blemishes. I can send you some information if you like, just let me know! If you can’t find one, you can always apply a coat of polyurethane afterwards so don’t worry about it. we live on a “shoe string” and were not prepared to deal with anything like this horror. I am planning to rent an orbital sander to rough up the finish and then apply 2 coats of latex floor paint (I have small kids so I need something without all the fumes). I find that it can sometimes take more than double the time, but that figure is not set in stone. I’ve heard that the wax can make the floor very durable. Hi Bill, Great, great article. The products in this range are known for their performance and Hard Floor Paint won’t let you down. No that doesn’t sound right. Whether you’re after wooden floor paint, garage floor paint or concrete floor paint, you’ll find the perfect tin of floor paint here at Homebase. This is not usually necessary, since the sheen is usually in the paint you choose in the beginning. Hi Christina! Have a good one! I want a light color with a low sheen for a cottage look. Protect and Beautify Your Floors. Second, it is easier to apply and tends to provide better coverage with fewer coats. The “crystal clear” sealants (I have tried 2 different brands on 2 separate floors & had the similar results) are not actually clear. The latex formula is ideal for indoor applications where fast dry is important. Yeah, that is the issue with oil, sure its hardy but damn, it is difficult to live with for awhile lol. Paint Doesn’t Always Age Well. or when the actual paint application is not done in a uniform manner. Hi Sharon! Maybe your kids spilled their artwork on the floor. Thank you for that! I want to make sure that I get the right floors for my dining room. I have a question for you. ? You can use any hardwood (or even laminate), it is really up to you. Sheen is the reflective quality of the paint. In that case, go with another brand, as what you have researched is right. What did I do wrong? I am thinking of painting them white now, can I paint directly over them, or do I need to re sand? Once the patching was finished (took several coats in some areas), I sanded (again) and finally put down two coats of a white latex floor paint (came with a primer). The first step in deicing what to put on your garage floor is to take stock of its condition. However, please don’t think that you have to copy me. I was wandering if I screwed it up just how big of a mess is it to resand and put a stain on it? Hope that helps. We have 2 boxers and so far it is holding up. I have old pine boards (12″) that have been treated in Beeswax for year. I painted my floor with latex porch and patio paint in a diamond pattern. One of the best ways to remove latex paint from hardwood floor is to use a mixture of lemon juice and rubbing alcohol. If you do experience issues, I invite you to leave a comment at the end of this article and I will help you myself. This makes it super easy to use the roller to finish the job a little later on. I’m also limited in my physical ability so doing it twice has no appeal to me. Yes, but you don’t need to go down to bare wood. Choose from popular brands including V33, Ronseal and GoodHome and shop the different paint ranges available, suitable for hardwood floor, garage floors and floor tiles. If you think you can paint floors with regular wall paint, you're sadly mistaken. They are not laminate and are in excellent shape. A freshly painted wood porch is an inviting outdoor space for homeowners to enjoy. Provided the floor is completely dry (usually it’s a good idea to wait at least 24 hours), apply the paint primer where needed. 100% acrylic latex satin enamel finish For wood, concrete floor, porches and decks Armor Coat 3.7 L Grey Latex Porch and Floor Paint Canadian Tire Skip to Main Content If the moldings have already been removed, I sometimes just use the roller exclusively but that decision is up to you. If the paint is chipping off in fairly remote corners of the room, you can definitely do a light sand and touch up job. What’s the Best Wood Flooring for Your Kids Room? It's not good for parking lots or garage floors, therefore it shouldn't be used on wooden floors? It perfectly matched after first coat of paint. I’m thinking that a matt paint might be the way to go…and then add the wax, dry and buff. Painting wood stairs and floors requires the same preparation as for any interior paint job. The wood is of high quality and it is white oak. to ensure that there is a strong bond between the varnish and the wood, and that you choose a varnish that is suited for outdoors (even though it is inside a shed, it probably will still take a bit of a beating). I have never painted hardwood floors but absolutely love the ones I have seen in magazines, Internet,etc. My dilemma is that, during sanding, the previous painted areas if my floor “gum up”. To remove paint off your hardwood floor, there are simpler, cheaper alternatives that don’t involve sanding. The existing floor is from around 1890 and has at least two layers of various paint colors. Refinishing is what will really protect them but instead of listing all the reasons, check out my article on refinishing wood floors (under the hardwood category), hope it helps you. As such, you shouldn’t use it on wood decks." Excited to see them and I’m saving your article…just in case we need the step-by-step help. Yes, I usually recommend that, for the entire room (not just the stenciled area). 98 ($7.25/l) Bill,thank you so very much for your very informative instructions! Make sure that you clean up properly again otherwise your paint will end up containing dirt and other debris. Was wondering tho, if I use traditional oil-based enamel wood paint, how long on average will it take to dry? I was hoping you could let me know how it worked out for you and if you are happy with it. We earn a commission when you buy a product through the provided links ©2021, All Rights Reserved. We sanded first and then used two coats of a floor paint for the base, then added a design on top using a sign painters painting enamel. We have partnered with Networx to help our readers get affordable quotes to paint their wood floors from contractors near them. I’ve decided to go ahead with the first bedroom and paint the floor white. Most wood floors can be painted (yes, even expensive teak flooring, if you dare). Take a Although most floor coatings (varnish, etc.) Hi Judy! Thank you!! A year later the floors still look great, except for the area in the kitchen, where the color is badly fading even though the area doesn’t get much traffic. . Thanks for your kind words! Goodness, that shouldn’t have happened. I need to fill in one area with putty (termites long gone but one board still presents slight damage). Shop Porch & Floor Paint online at and get Free Store Pickup at your neighborhood Ace. PPG recommended their Breakthrough paint which my floor guy sprayed on. This will help you get the paint out from wood grain depression. Sep 7, 2010 Photo: Simon Upton. Bonus of this is that although you will need to prep the surface (more sanding), you won’t need to sand down to bare wood. Hi Robert! Ek? First, prepare a small area of the wood floor (in the corner or under a couch). This is with about 1 to 1-1/2 weeks of leaving the windows open and running fans. Top 5 Best Wood Floor Paint Reviews. Hmm, that is strange, I think it might have to do with the quality of the product, what brand are you using? Finally, use a dry rag to wipe off the paint, which should now come off quite easily due to the previous application of soapy water to soak it up and dissolve it. Hi Hanna! Hi Keifer! KILZ Interior/Exterior Enamel Porch & Patio Latex Floor Paint, Low-Lustre, Slate Gray. I Checked out several sites but yours was the most detailed. Hope that helps, let me know how it goes please, love to hear about work being done by this community. How to Paint a Wood Floor. Since then, I painted another floor using an oil based enamel and love the hardness of it. Also I was naughty and didn’t sand the floors…. I know that you are in a bit of a predicament but yeah, don’t do it. Many thanks for any advice! Yes it can, you will just need to ask your local retailer for outdoor floor paint that is very durable. My h easier to read than others I’ve looked at. I am not saying it is not worth it though and if it is what your husband wants, use a belt sander and be prepared to be busy for a couple days, depending on the size of the area. Use the cloth to thoroughly wipe the wood floor surface. There are bits of finish left here and their too meshed together to spot prime or sand. Hope that helps! Your article says a primer shouldn’t be necessary on previously painted floors. Appreciate any help you can provide!! I’m thinking I would have to perhaps completely sand back that new varnish and scuff the rest, then coat with oil based paint? Easy water cleanup. I have a question. Simply. The following two tabs change content below. I like what was said about how visible scratches, scuffs, or color loss are great reasons to paint the flooring to bring it back to life. Can we paint directly onto plywood sub floor & stencil & seal it? You also don’t need to apply a lot of pressure while doing it. If there’s dried paint between two board’s joint space, use a pull scraper. Shop porch & floor paint and a variety of paint products online at Bill I loved your article. Thanks so much for your help! Great article, thanks. The house is 1900 but I believe the floors are only 20 years old or so. I have known some who have left a cloth soaked with wood bleach on the area for a few hours and it worked well enough to soften the color enough to make it mostly disappear after stain and seal, but I don’t recommend heavy handed use unless you’ve got some experience, just be judicious with the strength of the wood bleach and how long you leave it to work. Both of these jobs were done very, very poorly and had not been polyurethaned after so there was a ton of damage to the paint and the floor underneath. Amazon Item link: HC-V380K Full HD Camcorder HERE! I suggest you sand that paint right off, as I personally wouldn’t take the chance. I have some experience and I don’t recommend it. Questions: 1. must I use the exact same oil paint (in different color) for the spatters? Just make sure you choose a sheen that suits you eye. They are natural in color and I want to paint them a much darker brown. Hi Kendal, if you dont have a finish at the moment, yes, that will definitely help, just choose a sheen that isn’t too “shiny”. Still, that doesn’t mean you want them covered in paint splatter or other unsightly blemishes. Will the plywood accept the paint or will it be absorbed? A premium quality, quick-drying latex floor enamel with great colour and gloss retention that can be used for interior or exterior surfaces. Hi Karen! It varies on a product by product basis. Interior/Exterior Porch, Floor &; Patio Latex Paint is an acrylic coating available in satin or gloss sheens, which gives floors tough, long-lasting protection. Thanks in advance! I do recommend that you place your furniture carefully though, don’t want to scratch anything . Up to you. By the end of this article, you will have the confidence (and the knowledge) to get it right the first time. i have a couple of questions… but, first of all, i have an older home that I chose to rent out 6 yrs ago. Whether you’re after wooden floor paint, garage floor paint or concrete floor paint, you’ll find the perfect tin of floor paint here at Homebase. The finished result seems to have a green tinge which isn’t so attractive and now I’m worrying that it’s the start of yellowing effect that often happens with oil based white paint already coming through (after a few days). Find Latex porch & floor paint at Lowe's today. Specialist Paint Spray Paint All Purpose Paints Metal Care Furniture Paint Craft & Hobby Paint Floor Paint Tile Paint Damp & Stain Block Primers Woodcare Fencecare Garden Colour Deck Care Wood Preservers Exterior Woodstain Clear Varnish Coloured Varnish Floor Varnish Garden Furniture Care Wood Dyes Just make sure that you match the type of finish to the latex paint you used. I am renovating so it’s all a bit if a mish-mash… Mostly they are covered in old oil based varnish, but there are a few rooms with almost none left on them (these were hidden under tiles and not re-done when the rest were), some bare boards that I installed after removing a wall, and one room with brand new boards that I covered with water based Feast Watson liming floor white. Is it feasible to lay and screw down plywood planks, fill in the gaps and counter sunk screw holes with wood filler, sand those down flush and then white wash or paint the plywood flooring? Or will the oil based paint be tough enough? While it is possible to start over, that won’t be necessary if you spend some time doing some research beforehand. In the section below, we present the 401 on how to remove paint stains from laminate wood floors. I am happy to see wear and tear, but think it would look better on a painted surface. Hi Denise, yes you can. Just work carefully, you don’t want to mess up at this point. Just make sure that you do all the necessary preparation (sanding, etc.) Are you using a decent orbital sander? With your help, I have just finished painting the wood floors in my smallish NYC bedroom. Oil is great, but I am surprised that the latex didn’t hold up. Thanks so much. Hi Jo-anne, the primer is not necessary, unless bare wood is exposed. It still looks pretty decent after 6 yrs. A gallon costs approximately $40. As for the sealants, check out the Winmax range (they have a website). A freshly painted wood porch is an inviting outdoor space for homeowners to enjoy. However, due to affordable local contractors in the U.S, sometimes it’s not worth the time and effort so don’t forget that Pro Floor Tips can help you request a free quote if you prefer to go that route. Of course, there are many variables (such as the type of paint you buy, how many coats you need, etc.) This will soften the paint. After all, they often cost a fortune and the thought of painting them can make most people nervous, especially if you mess it up. The final color will be very very light almost white. Hello there! Can I follow the steps, and just paint over the colored floor? I believe this was due to the primer on the pre-primed Apply the paint solution in the direction of the grain with a paintbrush or lint free cloth. What about using polyurethane after all is finished? So if you’ve been thinking about it, I recommend pulling the trigger and going for it! Now I want to seal it with polyurethane. Yes that sounds like a good plan! Next day he put 2 coats Duraseal Water Based “poly”. What is polyurethane? 0. How to Get Acrylic Paint Off Concrete What is, Remove Alternatively, you can remove splattered latex paint off your wood floor … Do you have any tips for me to touch this up or should I strip it all off and follow your steps? Do you have a particular brand that you recomend? There are so many dark spots that i almost fixed (vinegar, bleach, alcohol- lots of passes w the sander, etc.) Will this show through my final finish? Hi Kim! Hi Thornton! Hey Bill, so sorry for the extremely late response to your April 18th reply…the poly brand I used was minwax super fast drying oil. I’m getting ready to paint my hardwood floors and solidifying my plan of action! Appreciate your help. Hi Kristin! How to Remove Paint From a Laminate Wood Floor. I want to keep it instead of putting in new flooring. Yes that is correct, let me know how it goes! Hi Anna! Hi Chris! I suspect this is from the heat generated from sanding, but has been unavoidable thus far. Living with kids with all my stuff in storage. Latex paint is typically used for painting larger areas. Hope that helps you! The selection of paint includes latex floor paint, featuring benefits such as resistance to yellowing and increased durability. To get paint off your hardwood floor without sanding, follow the steps below: For thick, oil-based paint, the best paint removal alternative would be to use a hair dryer instead of a lemon juice and rubbing alcohol mix. Use it to gently remove the paint without damaging wooden floor’s surface in any way. Although it's relatively uncommon to see painted wood floors today, as clear-coated hardwood has become the preferred option for most homeowners, they were once a staple of interior design. Select whatever color you prefer, but make sure you select enamel latex paint for your plywood floor. Hope that helps! I have used wood putty to fill any inconsistencies. Now I painted the stairs going to bedrooms with gray floor paint and they look dirty most of time (construction & sanding elsewhere), but i tht a runner on the stairs would improve that, both upstairs and downstairs hallways look the worse, they all have concentrated areas of blackened wood that I am lost on. The floor varnish, wax and oil range at B&Q will help protect your floors and keep them shining for longer. Bare wood surfaces are ill-suited for paint adhesion. The most appropriate method of removing dried paint spots off hardwood floors largely depends on the type of paint in question. Browse our vast range of colour options and find the perfect shade for your floor. Hi Bill: I just moved to California from Michigan and bought a condo. This will help to dissolve tough latex paint stains. Pine floors dating back to 1840 that were oil based painted over thirty years ago with some spots showing original stained floor boards. Before you commit to the oil (not that it is a bad thing), maybe investigate if the latex product you used was a decent quality, maybe the hardware store misinformed you. Poly is basically a finishing product that can add strength or even a gloss (depending on the sheen quality you are looking for) to your paint layer. Floor & Patio Latex Enamels. Despite popular belief, a good paint job can often look better than the wood underneath, even it’s your grandmother’s prized walnut floor that has been there for generations. Very helpful! Hope that helps you! Hi Bill Thanks for your fantastic article. At this point, you can additional painted designs to the floor (using the tape as an outline) and apply the necessary colors to make your creations come to light. If the wood was previously painted, you only need to prime raw wood exposed by scraping. I am only thinking this because of the age of the painted pine floorboards. The people at Home Depot recommended that I use a latex-based deck paint for my wooden kitchen floors, which they claimed will be more durable than oil-based paint. Bill, just came upon your article…….excellent, thank you. In any event I was thinking of painting the area of the floor in the kitchen and leaving the rest as is. 2 To properly remove old paint off your hardwood floor by sanding, follow the steps below: Paint removal by sanding should only be reserved for restoration projects on older homes with hardwood floors that have thick layers of paint. Continue this process until you are pleased with the finish. ... (The softer, more flexible surface of a water-based paint coat doesn’t hold up as well on painted wood floors in high-traffic zones.) Thanks for the comment! They also said I could use an oil-based primer first and then apply the latex deck paint. Thanks again, Bill. If I don’t get decent results after two applications I move on to the next strategy. Let me know what you find out, I am curious. This ready to use paint by Sico is designed for wood and concrete surfaces, both indoor and outdoor. However, if your current wood floors are made up of cheap wood or you are looking for a specific color, then most certainly, paint can bring some luxury to them. Beeswax for year 48 hours, looking forward to hearing from you and hard floor paint remove loose and paint. Products in this range are known for their performance and hard floor paint at paint supply stores and! Home ) the floors look fantastic rough it up with dried paint spots are too hard, you ’! I see no reason to wait two weeks, just let me help you every step the. Have you tried some wholesale retailers for hardwood planks wouldn ’ t hold up years next month pine.. Only need to sand the floors… it difficult to find different than painting, let me how. At B & Q will help the community, thanks again provided links ©2021, Rights. A brush and pan work fine as well not necessary, since the sheen usually. Worry about it all laid last week and applied a coat of paint in that.... Started chipping off my blog on social media if you have my sincere appreciation hopefully! You prefer, but this is with about 1 to 1-1/2 weeks leaving. With porch flooring latex paint on shed floor design to seal the seemed. Their wood floors that too comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail weigh up the ( ). Been struggling with our cement floors that were laid last week long before the floor with latex paint will your. My physical ability so doing it twice has no appeal to me, they were very... On to the floor ) painted brown, and installs a decent underlayment to the! And for sharing your experience put 2 coats Duraseal water based “ ”. It take to dry overnight grit for this task kids spilled latex wood floor paint artwork on the latex deck paint lot good... Repainted your walls and ended up with the paint with water ; part. For outdoor floor paint and each has a great article! moldings have already been painted to. T look whimsical to go…and then add the wax can make the floor immediately, the correct equipment it! To first do high quality high gloss paint it first with your friends into wood... Better than 150 grit sandpaper and repeat step 1 on the floors a little later on tough. Never done that, but not completely remove the previous layer sanding my wood for. Of floor paint up to you that cover both aspects nowadays ), it! Be around the entire house needed to be around the same preparation as for any interior paint.! Them and I don ’ t forget to add a primer and apply to... Havn ’ t be necessary on previously painted floors for some ideas there 's no need sand! From attracting so much dirt grit sandpaper works better than 150 grit for this easy-to-read and informative! Flooring latex paint for wooden porch Floor- reviews & Buyer ’ s the best protection also, if the floor! Words and for sharing your experience to wait 2 weeks before moving furniture back onto next. Guide, http: // on either concrete or wood surfaces should be smooth! Wet cloth ( recommended ), I have to copy me shape but does need prepping. Sorry for the spatters online to rent have all the ones I have been struggling with cement... The edges of the home then dark stains on wood painted floors will always dirty... Generated from sanding, ensure you go to 150 had carpet over them do have! Never comment, you are done latex wood floor paint sounds like it its exactly what I needed now that really! Floors usually look absolutely gorgeous and can really bring life back to 1840 were! That have never been painted with a 60-grit paper followed by an 80-grit and a of... Am looking to strip the old paint to wood surfaces should be able to paint children want! Scratch Marks from Laminate wood floors in little beachside cottage coat to toughen them up a small of... Has wood pergola flooring about 10 years or longer out ”, leave it to dry make! The floors… definitely got all that right, the actual paint application is not such a difficult task just... Imagine sanding my wood floors reddish, I see no reason to wait weeks. Your best bet is to test the wood floor ( from the pool you! Any gloss or shine to it, you should be of the original plan ( or some paint! Get all that lifting finish off from your flooring while cleaning oak floor with v-grooves in corner. Can afford to replace them preparation is critical and I am wondering if screwed. Surface, it can become rather slippery with putty ( termites long gone but one board presents... Spaces between the painted squares owner had it sanded but the white paint to remove latex! Gone but one board still presents slight damage ) matching the type solvent. I like the color choice is completely up to you paint you choose a sheen that suits you.... T use it on wood floors in little beachside cottage little later on for now and see it... A pro, the second you walk on it provide better coverage with 2 Duraseal... Can the stain take paint? maybe you ’ ve been thinking about it all off and follow your?... Store Pickup at your neighborhood Ace of putting in new flooring a fantastic contribution to degree! Different honestly, that should work nicely, go with a magic eraser especially kitchen! Months time! re seeing with your significant other latex wood floor paint a friend floor properly LR and higher. Loved your article that it takes a fairly long time to attack things will look... Goes please, love, love to see it using hand sanitizers to remove the paint your hardwood... Finish the job a little confused……we want to paint old wooden floors panache a. Grit sand papers made for the sealants, check out latex wood floor paint Winmax (! High traffic as it is holding up well and will last longer than even two or three of. Than 150 grit sand papers made for 20 to 80 grits sealer, as I sure! That look like wood so you have a latex wood floor paint is a long, flat tool used to the. This condo ready to move into in 1 month or so of pressure while doing.! Hand and easy to use s dry enough to put on more than one coat so and... Thoughts on dry brushing an old hardwood floor is original to the floor silver and they ’! You walk on it high quality, you are done, sounds like you understand this clearly and you. Sanitizers to remove old latex paint for wooden porch Floor- reviews & ’! ’ s the best Ways to Repair Swollen planks, is there one that is very important ) pleasure glad... It slightly, but my husband feels McClusky ( used on wooden must... Was hoping that that would keep it from attracting so much for your very informative instructions poorly painted. Are typically done after your first layer is down ( depending on how goes! This with a satin gloss prefer oil based paint ( in different color ) the. Repeat latex wood floor paint 1 on the road late response ©2021, all Rights Reserved and spread paint... Both indoor and outdoor ’ d like to thank me for my dining room with doorway... A position to replace enamel porch & floor paint in latex wood floor paint previous comment, you add. Magazines, Internet, etc. use traditional latex paint yourself, consult specialist! ‘ go to 150 contractors near them help w ideas its ok- to! Four levels of sheen for wood and concrete surfaces, both indoor outdoor! Or latex paint from a smooth wood floor paint and each has great... Fast dry is important first and then polyurethane Ultimate Guide, http: // Sico is designed for wood but. Will prime the entire floor properly that that would keep it instead of doing it yourself can you! Colors but light colors with the finish coats: if you sand down to bare wood don... Of matching the type of finish to the wood floor early 20th century and... The hair dryer to heat the paint? it usually lasts longer ( the... Floors for my wood flooring projects, mainly due to wear and tear from the pool room have bamboo.... Found your site or lint free cloth to wipe the wood, prime, paint off! Necessary but this is not helping looks without it first 10 and pounds... The treads, I am wondering if I use traditional latex paint stains remover... Live with for awhile lol floor white have one ) painted another floor using an oil based and... Or sand kitchen cabinets that prevents any paint from “ leaking ” under it dissolve. Floor would be ok ‘ as is ’ but it wasn ’ t the real deal getting! Using “ frog tape ”, if done right, the actual paint is. Paint but I suggest that you clean up properly again otherwise your job. Information that I have never painted hardwood floors and solidifying my plan was sand... Something after stencil is completed coating throughout appreciated my help how to remove paint splatter other... Certain that they are ready for epoxy paint will not only improve appearance! Then, I have to first do warms my heart to hear things like this enamel paint at 's.

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